How to Get a Number Blocked – 4 Useful Tips!

In times where we all seem to own a phone of some description, we open ourselves up to prank callers and annpoying sales people who can call us at all hours of the night and day. Nothing is more frustrating when we have been at work all day. Our phone rings just as we have sat down to eat our dinner or just as we have relaxed in the bath. We make every effort to answer the phone but only to find that it’s a pesky sales person or troublesome prank caller. So if you want to know how to get a number blocked so that you can live in peace then hopefully this advice will help.

How To Get A Number Blocked Tip 1 – Don’t Answer Private Numbers

If you receive a call from a blocked number then DO NOT ANSWER IT! Under no circumstances should you answer a call from a caller who is unidentified. I say this because you have no reason to. Most people answer their phone to establish who is on the other end of the line but if the caller is withholding their number then they have reason for doing so.

All you have to do is wait for your phone to stop ringing and then dial *69. You can find out more about how to do this here. You can then call the number back and ask who it was that called you.

How To Get A Number Blocked Tip 2 – Finding Out A Companies Number

If it was a sales person who called you then when you call back you’re likely to be put through to some sort of customer services centre or receptionist. They are likely to answer the phone by saying something like…”Hi-flyers Insurance Services, Craig speaking, How may I help you”. Straight away you will have the company name. You can then hang up immediately. A quick search in Google will reveal the companies credentials including the phone number.

If they don’t reveal the company name then you can ask for the company name and phone number and 9 times out of 10 they will offer you the information freely.

How To Get A Number Blocked Tip 3 – Get The Phone Number Of A Private Caller

If you receive a call from someone who withholds their phone number, once again don’t answer it but when you call back using the prefix indicated above, you need to make the call with a good story in mind. Pretending you’re calling from a particular company like a recruitment company, insurance company or travel agents and saying you are updating your database records tends to work well. You can also say that they have been randomly entered into a competition to win a holiday and you need to confirm their name and number so they can be contacted in the event they win the top prize. People will freely give you their details if they think it will benefit them in some way.

How To Get A Number Blocked Tip 4 – Using A Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Once you have the phone number of the person who keeps calling you are then in a good position to get the number blocked. You can then use a reverse phone lookup service online. You simply enter in the phone number of the caller into the search box and click search.

This will reveal the following:

The Phone Owners Full Name

The Phone Owners Full Address

The Carrier Details

Armed with the carrier details, you can then make a formal complaint to the carrier and they will put a number block on the individuals phone so that they are unable to contact you. So if you have always wondered how to get a number blocked then hopefully these tips will help.

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