How to Get a Six Pack: Follow These Two Guidelines!

The six pack abs achievement is something that everyone wants, but very few people actually ever attain. Why is it like that? Answer is, it isn’t at all easy! It takes great discipline and effort to get them. Most people just get frustrated and give up on them after a few months of trying. The way to get around this, is to actually know exactly what to do, so you stay on good track and see progress. There are pretty much only two big ideas you have to keep in mind to get great abs. Stick to these two guidelines, and I guarantee you’ll have great abs soon!

What you’re putting into your body is the number one thing to watch for. In fact, I think that your diet actually trumps the second point, that being regular ab and cardio exercise. There is always a lot of confusion about what exactly to eat and what not to eat, and it can be the deal-breaker for your abs. So, what kind of diet is required to get the six pack abs? It’s actually more simple than what you’re probably thinking. It tends to be more common sense than anything. Eat healthy, and stay away from lots of carbs and fat. When I say eat healthy I mean you need to have at least 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday. The leafy, green vegetables, like broccoli, lettuce, green beans, and spinach are all great. For your protein in your meals, you want to have lean meats, like turkey, chicken and fish. Stay away from a lot of red meat, as it contains a greater amount of fat than is recommended. Eggs are also good to eat for a source of protein. Protein supplements can also be a good thing; take a supplement of protein once or twice and day and that will keep your muscles fueled with the protein they need to build themselves up.

With a diet low in fat, you are going to use up the fat stores around your midsection, revealing your ab muscles. Everyone has the muscles there, it’s just that most people have too much fat covering them up.

The second guideline for six pack abs is to stick to ab exercises and cardio exercise at least 3 times a week. This way, you are getting your heart rate up and burning calories. Don’t think you have to spend a ton of time on abs exercises; two to three different exercises are good enough for your abs. Consistency is the important thing, as they must be performed on a regular basis to stay strong and lean.

Follow these two guidelines and you will be well on your way to a great stomach that turns heads!

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