How to Get Coupons from Manufacturers

Are you a fan of $$$ off coupons? Do you hunt for them constantly? Coupons are hard to find if you live in a one-stop light rural town in the south. Those newspapers only come out once a week and sadly, there are no coupons in them. The coupon inserts are usually in the Sunday paper of larger cities. Try getting a subscription to one of these papers. There is a problem with that. The rural edition doesnt have the coupons. Then there are the websites that will give you coupons you can print at home. You have to register on most of these websites to have access to the coupons. They insist you download a toolbar you do not want, and they are all offering the SAME coupons, week after week. Then there’s the cost of printing your own, ink and paper. Some sites want you to BUY the coupons! Most are for products you do not use! You are not saving money if you buy things you don’t need or use. In addition, if you do find coupons for the items you want, the hunt for them is so traumatic; you spend your savings on sleep aids. It all begins to look like it is not worth it, regardless of the smiling “Twit” on TV bragging that she bought $300 worth of groceries for $13.57.

Yeah, right! Who has 12 hours a day to commit to couponing? If you think about it, and it would seem that the easiest way to get coupons for items you normally purchase, would be to just ask for them from the manufacturer. I found this list of email addresses for 47 companies. I looked up their websites to see what their products were and if they were products I liked and would purchase if I had a coupon. Now here’s the easy part. Most companies never hear from a consumer unless it is to complain about a product. So imagine their delight when you send them a nice, thank you email instead. Simply let them know how much you like their product, where you purchased it from, and how much you paid for it. They like to know who is selling their products and what the mark up is. Send your emails and wait by your mailbox. The websites will usually have a place to register your email address. This is okay. They will send you updates on their products and sometimes coupons you can print yourself. Saves them postage. Now you have them where you want them. I received my first reply from the MT. Olive Corporation. They package pickles, peppers, relishes… etc. I got a $1 off coupon for my next purchase. I waited until what I wanted was on sale, and got a real good deal on some banana peppers. Easy as pie! I got my next reply from Chiquita Foods. YES, they have more out there than bananas. They package salad greens under the label Fresh Express. We love salad in my house. I simply told them how much I loved their variety of blends and asked to be added to their email update list for new and improved items and coupons.

Next I received two coupons for 55 cents off my next Fresh Express purchase. I will of course save them until my store puts those on sale. They do a BOGOF often. That way you not only get the second bag free but will get 55 cents off the one you purchase. Moreover, you can use both coupons at once and get two bags free and $1.10 off the bags purchased. CHING! I love saving money and still purchase my family’s needs. It may cost me more than $13.57, but I dont have room to store $300 worth of groceries anyway! Search companies you can write to, compliment them on their products, and ask for coupons to make future purchases. That’s the kind of emails they like to get from consumers!

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