How to Get Free Kindle Ebooks

Times are tough, and in the recession era of today, the cheaper the better. Many people adore books, which is why libraries are seeing record numbers during the recession (they are free entertainment choices). Today many people already have an ebook readers such as a Sony Reader or Kindle , or they just like to download onto their laptop computers. I’ve seen many classic books being used in a Homeschool environment. Whichever the case, there are free ebooks up for download with any of the five sites below.

Many Books is a very crisp website, easily navigated and searched, the site boasts that is it run solely on donations and the occasional website ad. It doesn’t push for donations, so if the reader cannot afford they won’t feel obligated. These books are free for the download and available in many different PDF formats, such as Kindle readers and Mobipocket. Particular fun to browse is the most popular listings to see what the majority are reading. If there is a certain tome needed for school lessons and such, it can also be browsed by author.


Bookyards says they are the “library to the world” and with their selection, one would certainly believe it. They have over 16,000 books, 800,000 ebooks, and 384 videos. There are 32,000 ebook links as well. These are all in different categories and they’ve added ten new categories such as Literature, War, and Games. This is a relatively easy to navigate website, with plenty of free ebooks to download.

Project Gutenberg

Creator of the Project Gutenberg project, Michael Hart, created these digital books (ebooks) in 1971. He is the founder behind the site that 27,000 books and over 100,000 that are accessed via different partnerships. This is an all volunteer run site that seems to operate seamlessly. Besides being able to browse the free ebooks by author and category, they also have a Top 100 list and a Newest list, so the information is always fresh to the reader.

Planet Ebook

There are 61 free ebooks on Planet Ebook , and they are all classics. This is a great site for War and Peace or getting through some Emily Bronte. The site is laid out in a wordpress blogger type atmosphere and has all its books listed in a single list form, which is linked to the download. It is very simple and to the point. This is a site to download free pdf ebooks direct to your reader.

Amazon’s Kindle Books Page

Of course the easiest place to get free Kindle books for the download is direct from Amazon. To find these go to Amazon’s website . Do a search for kindle books and then shuffle the list from “low to high” in price. The reader now has a few pages of free content. You can click on the categories the same way if just a certain type of book is what is needed.

Each of these sites has made it easy to search for a specific title or browse a certain category. Their free usage agreements make it to where the reader doesn’t have to worry about wasting money on a book that they may not enjoy. Try some free books for download today and see what can be found that may tease and tantalize the senses.

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