How to Get Youthful, Glowing Skin

What do I know about how to get youthful, glowing skin? Why should you listen to me? I got carded right up until the age of 35. Of course, I grew up near the water. That fact alone kept my skin from drying and cracking. While most of my friends had succumbed to the Denver wrinkled and windblown look, I was still soft and smooth. I was lucky to be born where I was. Still, I moved to dry dusty Denver at the age of 18. If I didn’t have these other tricks up my sleeve, I wouldn’t have my youthful, glowing skin.

If you want youthful, glowing skin, stay hydrated inside and out. Drink plenty of water with nothing added. Stay away from energy drinks, flavored drinks and those with sodium and sugar added. They cause, not cure dehydration. Water is the only beverage not invented by man. That should tell you something right there. Mother nature knows what she’s doing.

Eat nutritionally dense foods. If you want healthy skin, good nutrition is a must. All the nasties in junk food, processed food and nutrient poor food leave skin dry and dull. Get youthful, glowing skin by feeding it the nutrients it needs to regenerate. Give skin a good weekly exfoliation to remove dead skin and clear pores too.

Exercise regularly. Exercise helps remove fats and toxins from the body, leaving skin youthful and fresh. Exercise your facial muscles too. This helps skin retain elasticity. It builds the muscles that support skin to keep it from sagging. If you want youthful, glowing skin at any age, you’ve got to work for it.

Avoid make-up. Most of the time when you inquire about youthful glowing skin, you’re given some make-up tips. Didn’t your mama tell you make-up is bad for your skin? The clay and chemicals in make-up have a drying effect that increases over the years. So, all you beautiful young women out there, if you want to stay that way, use as little make-up as possible. (Preferably none.) You’ll thank me when you’re my age.

Moisturizing regularly keeps skin smooth, soft and moist. As we age, the elements wear down our skin. Even washing can strip needed oils. Do wash your face twice daily. Follow with a good moisturizer. Steam first for even better results. Maintaining a youthful, glow is no big secret. Just take care of your skin and avoid exposing it to the elements or harsh chemicals.

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