How to Handle Pressures at Work

Our daily lives encompass many things that we need to accomplish each hour of the day, may it be at home or at work, in school or in any other place. Remarkably, modern technology has significantly influenced the speed and ways by which we do things. However, while we enjoy the rewards of progress, sometimes it appears we are instead caught in a maze of complications and this we are not spared of in our jobs.

The demands of our jobs are invariably immeasurable when the business environment is already tremendously competitive. No matter how we resist and suppress ourselves not to be affected by the kind of pressures work lurk in our minds and hearts, no matter how hard we pretend they wouldn’t outwit our composure, the more they teasingly haunt us and make us cranky at times. Work pressures we can do without but has to be dealt with excellently else we need to find our way out of the office if we couldn’t stand the heat inside its vicinity.

I have thought of few things to be practiced and kept in our minds when tensions at work challenge the cool person that supposedly we are in a normal condition. When stress threatens our mental state which in turn is manifested in our actions and thinking process, we have to institute in ourselves the discipline to control our emotions through proper thoughts in order to avert the unhealthy effects these work pressures pose to our body and mind.


An employee of almost two decades In a corporate world, all the routinary tasks I am caught of with everyday of my life, I already had a hefty dosage of them. Time and again, when schedules are too hectic and when it seems that the number of reports to be done at the same time overwhelm us and scared us that they might not be completed in time, the mere thought produces a sea of butterflies floating in our stomachs. Face the battle so to speak, we cannot do otherwise but bravely march in to confront the woes in our hearts, but those could be superficial. Only those who don’t start to get things done will end up doing nothing at all. A matter of fact principle, at this circumstance in the workplace, heave a deep sigh and tell yourself “THESE ALL WILL PASS. IN WHATEVER WAY THINGS WILL BE DONE; THEY WILL BE DONE, AND SO THEY ARE DONE.”.


While our tendency to procrastinate is sometimes inevitable, the earlier to start up with will save us from the misery of feeling inefficient and unproductive. To run out of time depends on how we are able to bring out a system in the way we do things that stuffs to be done may not overflow in our midst uncontrollably. Working smart is of essence. A handful of tasks to be accomplished at any given time must be managed so they couldn’t be done haphazardly. Proper planning, prioritization, focus, and engaging in at least manageable number of tasks which require the greatest attention and earliest deadlines will lead us to a number of assignments being done instead of pestering ourselves with desperate grumbling.

Through these years the way we do things have significantly evolved in such a way that they are not too complicated neither too simple to accomplish; the way the business had traversed to a multitude of diversification so as our jobs. Juggling with our deadlines is the most stressful moment we always had. We may be too glad that every time all the things required of us are submitted JIT (Just in Time) but how we would have wished they be forwarded to our superiors in a few days before they are needed so that they would have more time to study them. The way we do things may vary but the quality of our output will always depend in our brilliant creativity and promptness in the manner we gather the necessary data and on the method by which we creatively design the final output.


As an employee, in our tenure of service in a company, from time to time we will receive unpleasant remarks from our superiors. Why is that so? Simply because we aren’t able to meet their expectations in our work; our performance is below par. Too late do we realize that we are at fault just because we hesitate to clarify the instructions as we are frightened to be thought of as stupid if we try just once and so we tend to complete the job the way we understand it; what happens next is disaster and a waste of time; and in no time at all do we hear those snide remarks. How our hearts sink!

Frustrations simply result from undefined and unmet expectations. While we would resent not being appreciated when we tried our very best and had spent so much of our time on a certain task, logic would dictate that human as we are, having those demeaning emotions are but normal, but work ethics will likewise impart on us that we are bound to execute our jobs the best way that we could. Don’t fret; its part of the learning process and the next time around, our performance should be better. Improvement in us is a matter of acceptance of our weaknesses and recognition that certain skills have to be developed.

On the other hand, when you got a boss who find time to reprimand and reproach you on your lapses but constructively, you must feel lucky because he tries to challenge you because he sees the inherent capability you have and that he wanted you to come out of your best. Few managers will waste their time in a lengthy discussion with you when they have other important things to attend to. The best leaders in a company will not care so much of the prestige of their position attached to their names but will value the legacy they could convey to their subordinates when they leave the company. The best memories an employee would think of about their past superiors is when they realize they have learned a lot from them, may it be personal or professional matters.

Mentoring is the best endowment any boss could leave behind on his team. Other than his contribution in enriching the company he serves, a worthy boss is an unselfish mentor that goes out of his way to teach, to advise, to correct and to motivate an employee that the best in him is yet to be explored. In effect, when yesterday, today and tomorrow his voice left you and will still inflict in you a wounded heart, be thankful instead because this person is out on his way to bring out the excellent worker in you. DON’T BEGRUDGE, CONGRATULATE YOURSELF BECAUSE SOMEBODY THINKS THAT YOU ARE A PERSON WHOSE MAXIMUM POTENTIAL HAS NOT BEEN PUT INTO USE.


A mature worker acknowledges the varying working situations that confront him when he starts his employment. He is responsive and prepared to face the battle in the workplace but is composed enough to accomplish his tasks one by one rather than exaggerating on his qualms. There would always be tough times but good times are just around the corner. Flexibility, responsibility, persistence, proactivity are the best attitudes a person need to be equipped with to trudge the path of a successful career. Emotional intelligence is equally important as intelligence quotient but that thing that which will gain you respect and admiration is when you are able to emerge professional and cool amidst adversity in the workplace.

Love yourself and let no one put you down because through time you have developed your self-esteem to make you the person that you are today. Detractors at work will exist who will doubt your competence but nobody knows best of yourself than you do. Opinions are something that anybody has a right of to express. You can’t change the opinions of others on you but the way you deal with them will prove the value you give to yourself as your conviction in yourself is above than the rest.

Pressures at work will affect your moods, character, disposition, behavior and relationship with your co-workers; however, don’t be pathetic, don’t even compromise but harmonize and harmonization will come first within you. When you are aligned with your own self then balance will follow. Control within yourself will be imminent, there would be no unnecessary bickering and you allow yourself and even others to laugh out of your mistakes and yet acceptance that amends need be done; you certainly take note of. In effect, there would be no work as difficult as we thought of rather we look at it as a wonderful blessing and grace by God that we are given so much work to do while others have none.

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