How to Help Your Infant Get Over a Cold Quickly!

These tips are recommended for infants ages 4 month and older. My daughter seemed cured in about 24-hours or so! It takes a little work but well worth it.

Lemon or lime juice–Go to the store and Get real lemons and limes. Put about 3-4 drops of each for every 4 ounces of water. Add about 1 tspn sugar. Taste to suit so that it is not too tangy to the tongue. Serve warm.

Apple juice –Mix apple juice with water. ½ juice to ½ water is fine or a little under half. Serve as beverage warm.

Cinnamon–Add a pinch of cinnamon to formula or infant food. Or you can purchase infant babyfood that already includes cinnamon like a cereal with cinnamon in it.

Infant Soup–Make a soup with onion, crushed garlic, carrot and chicken stock. Make sure you boil the onion and carrot until it is very soft. Then add the onion, garlic, a pinch of salt and carrot to the chicken stock. Boil. Blend until smooth. Serve with infant spoon. Depending on infants age, you can make the soup thin with water.

Other tips include keeping your baby warm and making sure ears are not exposed to the cold and cold air too much. Try to keep a light cap on the baby. Make sure the rooms you are in are not dusty. Check air conditioners and electronics for dust. Keep the diaper area dry. Give your baby warm drinks only.

Give your baby Tender Loving Care with hugs . Vicks vapor rub bath (wipe downs), and massages before bedtime always helps. Give medicine only as recommended by doctor. This advice given is by a parent so please seek proper advice from your pediatrician before trying my remedy. Thank you.

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