How to Hire for Long Term Success

The task of hiring new people isn’t always the easiest and before you begin the search. You have to know the exact job position which you are trying to find potential candidates. You must deliver in-depth detail to the potential employees that you are seeking to find. I recommend if you aren’t familiar that particular job title to do some research prior to opening up the position to really understand what your company is looking for Here’s some tips I recommend.

Understanding the job market You must understand what your company is looking for in potential candidates and where the company sees itself in 5, 10, 15 years down the line. These must be taking into consideration when picking possible candidates. They must align with the company goals that’s the only way to fully understand what your company is looking for in the current job market.

Patience is the key to success Your company might need someone within a week, but that doesn’t mean you have to jump for the first half of the candidates you find. You must carefully take time to review each application individually. When you have finish its always good to double check them again to see if you might have missed a potential candidate.

Interviews Your company needs new hire’s asap you don’t have time to waste you must start the interview process with potential candidates. You spend the afternoon explaining what the company is about and what its looking for in potential new hire’s. If the interview is a group based one you should take mental notes of who seems fit for the position based off personality experience and flexibility.

Interviewing For success Every interview will have the same questions, but you must also come up with individualized question Based off of a candidate resume. For example, in particular candidate’s resume you’ve noticed a lapse in employment history or short employment time. This can be considered something that the company. Might not want to be part of so you must ask the individual person, specific questions about those event to fully understand the situation.

References You’ve finished the interview process and a few candidate’s Seem promising. Now all that is left to do is to check the references that they have put on their resume. This is beneficial because it lets you know how this person performs, and others perspective on the each candidate before you hire them.

Decisions decisions After checking a few references some people didn’t check out. Now the ones that are left its time to make the final decision to hire them. You must be confident that there what the company is looking for. Because nothing is worse than letting a bad apple slip through to only have to deal with the task of letting them go after a few weeks of disappointment. So I recommend taking a day or two to really think about this decision before fully committing to them.

Relationships for success- It’s been a couple weeks since you’ve hired the candidate of choice but you haven’t seen them since then. Your company goal is to keep a strong employee relationship to ensure that they don’t have any concerns or needs. Often new hires wont speak up about this so you must take time to ask how has everything been to see if they might need help doing something or have any questions. Doing this will show that this company is more then a job but a family which will build a positive work environment.

The above steps will help ensure your hiring process is smoother and that new hires are aligned with the same goals as the company remember your not hiring for a job your hiring for a career. This process can be very stressful but when done correctly it wont be needed again for sometime good luck.

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