How to Holiday Shop for Almost No Money

Most people wait for the last minute when trying to celebrate Christmas. They are in a store on December 24th at 7pm stressing over which pair of socks to get their in-laws. Me on the other hand I am roasting chestnuts over an open fire and drinking the traditional wassail drink from Germany. Christmas has become so commercialized and gift focused that it has almost lost its meaning. I like to go to church, go to midnight candlelight service with my family and bask in the glow of the big beautiful tree and just be thankful.

Buy sweaters for the whole family in July, when they are marked down to almost nothing. Some may be 80%-90% off price. Coats are also a great deal in spring and summer as retailers are trying to clear their shelves for bikinis.

Check out online sites like etsy, ebay, shopify, yahoo.stores, and amazon to score some amazing deals on homemade soaps, clothing, and other items for gift giving. If you are not comfortable shopping online stick to the discount stores in your area like T.J Maxx, Marshal’s, Ross, Stein Mart or several other. Also becoming a preferred card member at one store and shopping the sale days with the coupons they give you is also very smart.

If you are crafty consider making homemade gifts like a crochet sweater, a scarf, or soap. I like to add homemade Christmas ornaments to my packages as the bow. Even a small touch like this can convey how much thought went into the gift. I also go to Michaels Craft store and buy stickers and non-traditional paper. Another great source for really inexpensive wrapping paper that is very cute is IKEA. Last year I went there and they had the traditional Swedish elves on paper for around a dollar. It was recycled, great for the environment and made everyone smile. Try to think outside the box for your holiday wrapping paper. You can save money and make a huge impact.

Make a strategic list and stick to it so you won’t blow your budget or buy too many gifts for one person. Also consider drawing names if you have a huge extended family and just buying one gift. Or buy gifts just for kids in your family. It is so great to see the kids faces light up when they receive toys or other gifts. Try to find low cost traditions within your family that really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Strive hard to get away from the commercialization of the holiday.

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