How to Install Grommets in a Belt

People make their own pants, dresses, shirts and more, but you rarely find someone who makes their own belts. Many people think it’s difficult to make a belt but it really isn’t. Just purchase the belt material, buy a buckle, and you’re almost finished. Making a simple belt is actually very easy but it looks, well, simplistic. You can make a homemade belt look much more impressive by adding studs, tooled designs and more. Some of these take a lot of practice to master and you’ll definitely ruin a lot of material in the meanwhile. But, there are certain decorations you can do on a homemade belt which look just like the ones you see in stores and are hard to do wrong. Grommets are just one of the metallic accents you can give to a handmade belt to give it a more professional look.

You can find grommets at craft stores and places which sell fabric – even at a hardware store. It’s easy to find grommets in metallic colors of gold or silver but you can also purchase them in many other colors, too. The grommets you buy can be small or large but must be at least a half-inch smaller in diameter than the belt is wide.

A disappearing ink marker is a wonderful thing to have when making belts. You can draw on the material, and later, the drawing simply vanishes. Find these at fabric and craft stores. Decide how much space you want between each grommet. Begin measuring down the length of the belt while putting a dot at each area where the grommet will go.

The grommet has a donut shape that allows you see the dot after you lay the grommet over it. This will help you make sure each grommet is centered over its respective dot. Draw around the grommet.

Cut out the circles you drew but make each one about a quarter-inch smaller in diameter than the actual grommet. Lay a grommet backing on a table, place one of the holes over it, then lay the actual grommet on top. Tap the two metal rings together, following the instructions included in the grommet kit, so that the fabric is trapped between them.

After all the grommets are installed you might notice that you can still see some of the belt material inside the grommet hole. Simply take a sharp craft knife and cut this away, trimming right along the edge of the grommet.

A handmade belt with grommets installed looks like a much more expensive belt from a department store. Use grommets on plastic, fabric or leather to make just the belt you want.

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