How to Install the Necessary Drivers for Your Computer

You may have recently reformatted your hard drive and installed Windows only to find out that you have no sound. Or the video graphics don’t seem to be what they were, or various other issues that might spawn from the lack of proper drivers. In most cases this is a relatively easy problem to fix, its as simple as going to Google and typing Dell drivers or whichever brand of computer you have and going to the download section. But in some cases you will find that the manufacturer no longer supports the device that you are trying to get to work again. In such cases, Google is your friend again and will guide you usually by typing a search of the specific model of your computer and the driver you seek. For example: (Dell Inspiron 1545 sound driver) and you may have to download it from a third party site that has absolutely nothing to do with the manufacturer. There are also driver locator software’s that will scan your computer for missing drivers and locate the updated versions for you. There is a great paid version called Driver Genius Pro that can do this for you and many other things, such as back up all your drivers. You can purchase and download it from their home site here: I use it all the time and has proven useful over and over again. For those not wanting to spend money on something as trivial as a software to update and backup their drivers, there is a reputable freeware software called Device Doctor that is totally free and can be downloaded here:

Being a PC repair technician I always run across computer models that no longer have support from the manufacturer, or never did. So it’s not always a rookie task to get the proper drivers in place, especially with operating systems such as Vista that require driver stacks for Bluetooth compatibility. Although these types of problems usually arise out of older model computers, such as XP and earlier. But as time progresses we will see less and less supported by the makers, I guess you could call it them trying to force you to upgrade your obsolete device. But even though they may be slamming their doors on us and our devices, we still have a means to keep them going. I suggested above to seek out the drivers in these tough cases from third party sites, but let me also cation you about that. If the site is not hosting just the file and requires you to use their down-loader to get the driver your seeking, you might want to refrain from doing so. Instead purchase the Driver Genius or go get the free Device Doctor to find the driver, because this is another means for malicious sites to inject viruses into your system. I would also suggest that you back up your drivers once you get it all situated, so that the next time you come across this hurdle you will be prepared.

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