How to Keep Fit During Your Spouse’s Deployment

Military deployment affects each and every family member in different ways. It involves upheaval and a great deal of change for family members left behind. Many military spouses use their spouse’s deployment as an opportunity to refocus their minds by starting up a new fitness regimen. How can you keep fit during your spouse’s deployment?

Stop By the Gym on Base/ Post

One of the exclusive benefits enjoyed by the military community (including retirees and others) is the range of services that are offered free of charge, including free use of the gym and other fitness facilities. Stop by the gym on base or post to see what is available.

If hitting the gym for an intensive weight training sessions five times a week is not your idea of fun, look into other activities that you would enjoy such as badminton, aerobics, squash or tennis. Or check to see if there are any events coming up that you can train for such as a marathon.

Set Personal Fitness and Nutrition Goals

If you would prefer to work out at home during your spouse’s deployment, there are a number of other ways to keep fit that do not involve working out alongside 30 other sweaty individuals. Start off by consulting your doctor or ask for a referral to speak to a dietician for specific advice on how to lose weight, ways to manage food cravings, and other ways that will help you to reach your fitness goals.

Your doctor or dietician can help you to set fitness and nutrition goals by working around your busy work schedule and childcare commitments, thus making your goals more realistic and attainable.

Do it for Yourself!

Wanting to look the best you can around your spouse upon their return home is only natural, but you should also want to keep fit for yourself and your own personal gratification. If your sole aim is to impress your spouse, you will lose the joy that can be achieved from working out in order to meet your own personal fitness goals, rather than your spouse’s.

Deployment is often the perfect opportunity to start a new fitness regimen, as you are likely to have more time on your hands to exercise. The gym on the base or post is bound to have a wide range of activities that will appeal to you. But if you prefer the idea of going it alone, rather than amongst others, consult your doctor or dietician for advice on how to get started. It is also important to make sure these are your goals you are setting, not someone else’s.

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