How to Keep Love Live!

How to Keep Love Live!!

There are many ways to keep spark in your Love life!! Before you just jump straight into trying to keep Love live you have to enter the world of love first. As you go down the streams of your lifetime you will go through some things called trials and tribulations. At some point in time you will realize what love really means. It will be a turning point that will make you live for love and happiness rather than hurt and sadness.

The first and foremost thing to do is understand the basics of love. Next you develop the foundation you want your love to enter. Then you live for love, create spark in your love and love, love until love can’t love anymore.

The Basics of Love is very important.

An important question that we all need to ask is “When will I be ready for Love?” Many people say they want love but in actuality hatred overrides the love. There are more people sad, mad and hurt in the world now-a-days. However they quick to put the word love behind it. I believe that it’s because we have been deceived to believe that love can be bad and good. That is not true. My understanding of true love is expressed with smiles, candles, hugs, strawberries, kisses, family time, fun, laughter and even more good feelings. Love is not a game it is suppose to be a good feeling. Love runs down a two way street. You have to give and receive love in order for the good love to come out of it.

Develop a foundation for Love

God is the foundation of Love. You should get to know God, praise God, thank God, and have faith in God. You will then know that God is Love! Love God before anything. Ask God to allow you to give and receive love. Thank God and ask him for understanding of love. (Read Ephesians 3:17-19).

In my world, I think of Love as living happy, caring for others, laughing, and smiling. Love is when you care about others feelings. Love is when you are there thick thru thin. Love surrounds the room with peace, joy and happiness. You will not want to live a day without Love once you develop the right foundation to apply your love.

Live for Love and Grow in love.

You know that everyone wants love, right? However, everyone is different. Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws. You have spark in your love life when you can accept yourself and your significant other. That is acceptance of love, peace and happiness. Not drama, angriness, and pain which comes mostly from hatred.

Everybody is not meant to stay in your life. So you should live for today by loving the people that do come in your life. Yes there will be different types of love. The important thing to understand is that when you get good love; evaluate the love to determine how you want to apply your love. It is up to you on how you want to love someone.

So after you have grown your love for God then you confirm that you love yourself for you. That way you won’t try to love someone else before loving yourself because that will only bring confusion.

Flowing down the streams of your lifetime is when you should focus on the good things about your love life for the presences and the future. Save your true love for the true love of your life.

Now Putting Spark in your Love life.

I believe a couple that is both happy to be involved with each other is what put spark in your love life. Communication will can rise the spark in your love life. You have to be able to talk to your significant other about anything without judging each other. Someone that knows they can tell their significant other anything is what will keep the spark.

Flirt with your significant other by sending a love message. Do everything with your significant other that you would desire to do with a new person just for fun. Go on trips, visit family, role play, play tennis, etc. There is so much to do to keep spark in your love life without finding it in the wrong places. It takes two to tangle. One of you must create some kind of spontaneity from within. You have to explore and really get to know each other. It doesn’t matter if you are opposites or attracts, just compromise and the spark will rise.

It takes for you to apply the basic essentials of love to keep spark in your love life. Communication is the key. Don’t just talk about one thing like the average person. Express yourself so your love can love you even more. Talk about your likes, dislikes, favorites, hobbies, interest, what turns you on and so on. Pretty much everyone has a little “naughty and nice” in them. If you like a woman that can cook then let it be known.

Be physical in different ways like wrestling, running, fishing, or even playing the game sometimes. Compromise with each other. So if she chose to go bowling this weekend, so what if you choose to wine and dine her every once in a while. That will keep the spark in your love life and keep her happy. =)

Couples today are doing things backwards in their relationships. It has gotten to the point where relationships are overrated. People would rather be unfaithful, flirt and meet with new chicks/guys to make their love life interesting. They want their cake and ice cream at the same time. That is a problem and is not love because it causes bad feelings to arise. Remember Love is a good feeling so keep happiness and the spark will flow through the air. Try it, anything is possible.

Live life and Love Love!

Love Quote: “Love love like you have never loved before.”

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