How to Love Your Hair

Hair stylists know better than anyone that, “We always want what we don’t have.” It’s especially true when it comes to hair. I hear curly girls wishing for less luxe locks, and straight haired vixens bemoaning their lack of volume. But you really can learn to love the hair you have on your head. Here’s how.

Accept it. There’s only so much you can do to change your hair. Sure, you can perm it. You can relax it. You can color, cut, and highlight it. You can thin it out, or add extensions to thicken it up. But eventually, all those things will grow out and you’ll either have to get them done again or be stuck with the same old hair once again. If you don’t want to constantly be fighting with your hair, learn to accept it just as it is. Whether its fine, thin, thick, curly, straight, or all of the above, remember, it’s the only hair you’ve got.

Showcase it. The right haircut will make the most of your hair type and texture. You may have to compromise a little on the hopes and dreams you had for your hair. Your hairdresser can help you pick out a great style that makes the most of the hair you have. When your style is right for your hair type, texture, look, and lifestyle, you’ll spend less time fighting with your hair and that alone will make you love it all the more.

If your hair is straight, try a pixie cut that is short and choppy. If your hair is wavy, try long, loose layers for a free flowing style. If your hair is curly, a shoulder length bob will help you achieve beautiful curls that are simple to style.

Decorate it. A little bit of hair color can really bring out the beauty of a haircut. A few well placed highlights can give you just the right look without too much trouble, too. You can also add hair extensions, feathers, or some great hair baubles that make you happy. You’ll feel sassy and confident when you enjoy wearing your hair decorations.

Flaunt it. Give yourself time to style your hair while you’re getting ready for work. The right haircut and color will make styling quicker and easier, so you won’t have to struggle with your hair every morning. Invest in a few tools such as hot rollers, curling irons, or even a flat iron to give you a little versatility in your hair styling. If you have curly hair, you can add gel, scrunch, and go. If your hair is straight, you can probably count on the fact that it won’t frizz while you’re styling it. Use a finishing spray for the best, all-day hold.

Whatever your hair color, type, or texture, remember it’s the only hair you’ve got. So make the most of it, and proudly wear it with a smile. Chances are, someone else is wanting exactly what you’ve already got.

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