How to Make a Wreath with Fall Leaves

Fall leaves are beautiful beyond compare. Their colors are iconic of autumn, but they only last for a few weeks unless properly preserved. They can be preserved and used to make wreaths and other colorful autumn crafts, but the method of preservation is imperative to the outcome and their longevity. Try to create a wreath without preserving the leaves first and it they will dry and eventually crumble. Use these easy instructions to make a wreath with fall leaves. Use it to embellish a wall or a door, or use it for a unique candle display. This makes a great gift too!

Read this Before Attempting to Make this Fall Wreath

Be very cautious when heating paraffin. It is flammable, and it should be melted using indirect methods. Also, provide adequate ventilation when melting it, and handle it as you would handle hot oil. It can cause serious injuries when improperly melted and used.

Necessary Supplies to Make a Wreath with Fall Leaves

To make a wreath with real fall leaves you will need dozens of pretty leaves that are still pliable and free from defects and disease, a block of paraffin, a low-temperature glue gun and a wood, straw or heavy cardboard wreath form. You will also need a way to indirectly melt the paraffin. A slow cooker and metal container that fits inside works well to safely melt the wax, and it is the method that I personally recommend. Also needed to make the wreath is waxed paper or freezer paper. This provides a great surface for the fall leaves as the wax coating dries.

Procedure to Make the Wreath with Real Fall Leaves

Begin by melting the paraffin in a slow cooker. Do this by placing a few inches of room temperature water in the bottom. Turn the slow cooker on high, and place the paraffin wax in a clean, dry metal container. Place the can inside the slow cooker, and allow the wax to melt completely. Turn it down to a lower heat setting once it melts, and begin dipping the leaves for the wreath.

Lay out a sheet of waxed paper or freezer paper, and dip the colorful fall leaves into the wax one by one. Hold them over the can of wax by the stems until they finish dripping. Place each one on the paper, and be sure to keep them separate. Once the wax dries completely the pretty fall leaves can be applied to the wreath form.

In the meantime, heat up the glue gun. Attach the prepared fall leaves to the wreath form using the hot glue. Simply attach them at the base, just above the stem. Fill in all of the bare spots to complete the fall wreath, and trim off any wayward stems. It will look absolutely beautiful.

How I Displayed My Wreath Made with Fall Leaves

I used my fall wreath as a candle surround instead of hanging it on my door. As the pictures shows, I placed a large battery-operated pillar candle in the center. This provides a safe way to enjoy candlelight as it beautifully illuminates the colorful fall leaves that will last for many years to come.

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