How to Make an Extra 35 Easy Dollars a Day

I’m sure you are curious about the strings attached to something that sounds quite simple. Yet, it is that simple. The average person tends to over think things that may appear to easy. If it’s to easy, or good to be true, it probably is. The common expression heard day to day, yet not applied to every situation. Lets consider making a quick buck.

You, like most people, have found themselves in a position where they either look at their wallet or bank account wishing they had a little more money for the debt they have to pay off, a game they want to go to, or even a new upgrade on your vehicle. But making that money with limited time due to school and work, or even lack of given information to make that money makes it somewhat of a challenge.

It’s not that you are looking for a job, you are not trying to invest your money into a business, you’re not looking for side jobs that will make the money you want over time, you want the money right now. You want that extra money in your wallet, or purse, right now. Sadly, the easiest way to that is by getting off the couch.

Let’s start with your neighbors in your local neighborhood. Think of tasks you don’t enjoy going out of your way to do, such as washing your car, carrying groceries, or even picking up dog poop. But lets face it, your not the only one who doesn’t want to do these chores. You can find neighbors that will pay top dollar to walk their dogs, clean their yards, small maintenance around their houses, even computer knowledge to help them with simple questions. Use your simple skills to complete small tasks to make some prime $ that will collect a revenue over time.

But maybe you feel that something like walking your neighbors dog seems king of childish, think to your self, is making money childish, or is the way your going about making money childish? Some, and most would beg to differ. Here is an alternative. Why don’t you take a look around your home. Look at the things you have, determine the things you need, and the things you are willing to make a profit off of. Selling your personal stuff can make fast cash, whether you use Craigslist or even a garage sell.

Still not good enough? Their are actual donations any person can make that people will actually pay for. Give blood for example, donating blood can make you $50+ in one sitting. And your body only continues to make it, you can put the expression “Blood Bank” to good use. Or for males you can even donate your seaman. But these options are odd to most, but always easy and more comfortable after the first time.

Basically if you want to make some fast cash don’t over think it. Use the knowledge and skills you have to your advantage. You can combine multiple easy tasks together to make profit that will earn you over 50 dollars a day easy, that’s over a 1000 dollars a month. Think of what you can do with all that extra money?

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