How to Make Your Own Charlie Brown Peanuts Christmas Tree

The Charlie Brown Christmas tree is as recognizable as any of the Peanuts characters. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, the lovable Chuck drags home the sad and pathetic tree. You can find pre-made trees of this type from dozens of locations, including Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and online stores. The newer designs even play the Peanuts theme song when you press a button on the bottom. While the manufactured trees bring a touch of whimsy to your home, nothing beats making your own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

The Charlie Brown Christmas tree consists of four things: the tree, base, ornament, and Linus’s blanket. Making your own version of the tree only requires a few extra tools. The first step involves finding a small tree or evergreen branch that mimics the look of Chuck’s tree. For a one-time holiday use, opt for a real tree or branch, but if you want to use the tree for future celebrations, pick an artificial piece.

Buy a piece of plywood four-inches wide and at least 30-inches long. Cut two ten-inch long pieces from the plywood and set to one side. Cut the remaining wood into pieces approximately one-inch long. Turn one of your longer pieces upside down and glue one of the smaller pieces to each end. Stack the two long pieces together, forming an X-shape. The top piece should sit flat. If the stand wobbles, add another piece of smaller plywood to each end.

Turn the stand for your Charlie Brown tree upside down. Pre-drill a small hole through the center of the base until it pokes through the top. Hold your small tree or branch against the center hole and screw a two-inch wood screw through the hole. The screw should go through the base and into the tree, keeping it firmly affixed to the base.

Stand the tree upright and adjust the branches until it resembles the iconic Peanuts tree. The Charlie Brown tree featured a single red globe ornament hanging from an upper branch. A glass ball ornament looks more realistic, but a plastic ornament is best if you have children or pets.

As the finishing touch for your Charlie Brown tree, use a piece of large pale blue felt that mimics the look of Linus’s blanket. Purchase a piece of felt large enough that it wraps around the base, while still leaving part of the wood exposed. Drape the felt around the base and display in your home. You can use any type of soft fabric for the blanket tree skirt, but choose a fabric in a shade of pale blue.

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