How to Manage Anxiety

What’s Anxiety?
Anxiety is worrying about what could happen. It’s the feeling, need, to do well, but there’s uneasiness.

Common Occurrence
Anxiety is a common occurrence. It happens when there’s a recession, death in a family, exams or fear of something/someone.

Anxiety Attack
It’s exam day, for example, and you knew it was coming. Still, you’re eager to take the test, but uneasiness showed up. Perhaps, sweaty palms and pretzel stomach popped-in. Often, the feeling to empty your stomach’s contents happens.

A Friend
“Ready for the test?” A friend asked.

“Wish it was over.” You said.

Sound familiar?

The behavior becomes a pattern. A recession, death of a love one or fear pushes the same reactions to the surface.

Managing Anxiety

1. Stop eating or drinking caffeine and sugar. It has been proven that caffeine and sugar increases anxiety.

2. Exercises. An early morning walk, exercises for beginners or yoga can help with anxiety.

3. Laugh at yourself. When you catch yourself worrying needlessly, laugh. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

4. Write down a fear or problem. Look at it. Work through it. Yes, you can.

5. Step out of your comfort zone.

“I want to apply for that job, but not sure.” You doubted.

Stop doubting or listening to the “can’t” voice. Instead, try it. You may fail/succeed, but you worked through the anxiety about it. Be proud. Treat yourself.

6. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly through the mouth. Repeat.

7. Pass it. An anxiety attack is starting, let it pass. Fear of a bully, for instance, causes the heart to race. Remind yourself to tell the appropriate authorities. Have a plan prepared of what you’ll say/do, and let the anxiety attack pass.

8. Stay positive. There aren’t any quick fixes to managing feelings of anxiety, but a “can do” attitude helps.

9. Health-care visit. Make sure your body isn’t deficient in minerals, and your hormone levels are normal.

10. Every morning smile. You’re alive to get another chance at your goals. No goals? It’s time to set one, two or three.

Anxiety is a common occurrence that happens for various reasons. With time and patience, anxiety can be managed with a “can do” attitude.

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