How to Move or Reposition a Marble Bathtub

A regular sized, empty, marble bathtub weighs about 1500 pounds and that’s a piece of bathroom furniture you shouldn’t move around too often. However, plumbing has a tendency to leak, flooring may become compromised, or you may choose to completely redesign your bathroom. When you decide to move your tub a few inches or across the room, you should attend to the task with a little help from your friends.

Enlist the aid of a plumber to disconnect the tub’s fittings. Keep all the loose plumbing pieces together in a sealed box or plastic sack; not all plumbing supply companies keep these parts in stock so it’s important to not lose or misplace them.

Instruct three of your strongest friends to lift one side of the tub about two inches above the floor. While the tub is up from the floor, slip three heavy-duty furniture sliders under the bottom edge of the tub; place them an equal distance apart.

Move to one end of the tub and repeat the process with two sliders. If space warrants, have your helpers do the same with the opposite side and end of the tub. If not, wriggle or “walk” the tub away from the wall until enough room becomes available to insert more sliders.

Push the marble tub, steadily, to its new place in the bathroom. Ask your plumber to complete the necessary plumbing so you can situate the tub over the bathtub drain. Gently tilt the tub and remove the sliders to make your marble bathtub ready for your plumber to attach the fittings you have set aside.

Note: You can purchase heavy-duty furniture sliders at most home supply centers and hardware stores.

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