How to Naturally Make Periods Shorter

The Dreaded Period
No woman enjoys getting their period. Sure, it is the most obvious way to know for certain you aren’t pregnant, but many of us can determine this without bleeding every month. Accordingly, there has been a rise in interest in how a woman can make her period shorter, both naturally and with the use of medication. The best way to determine how to make periods shorter is by speaking with your doctor, but it doesn’t help to become educated on your own first. This article will explain several strategies any woman can take to make periods shorter.

How to Naturally Make Periods Shorter: Exercise
Ever wonder how athletes can perform regardless of having their period? While it’s true the determination many women athletes experience will push them to continue their sport even if they are experiencing their period, there is something about exercise and periods many women do not know. One natural way to make periods shorter is to increase circulation through exercise. This can include aerobics, running, jogging or anything else which gets your heart pumping. However, keep in mind that you can’t trick your body into thinking you’ve exercised more than you actually have. Only a serious workout can make a change in how much shorter your period lasts. Though, with enough exercise your period may become shorter, sometimes cutting period time in half, or as little as three days in total.

How to Naturally Make Periods Shorter: Heat
Another natural way to make your period shorter is to heat your body, most specifically around your uterus. If you have a heating pad, hot water bottle or electric blanket, applying warmth to your uterus while you browse the computer, read or watch television can actually make your period shorter by a number of days. If you know you’ll have the opportunity to change your pads or tampons regularly, you may want to place an icy hot patch on your lower stomach after it gets warm. Also, hot showers will help to naturally make periods shorter, though the amount of time spent in the shower may be a problem if it becomes excessive if you have roommates or your parents are paying the water bill. However, in conjunction with applied heat, a hot shower is another way to naturally make your period shorter.

How to Naturally Make Periods Shorter: Hydration
One reason a period may be longer than it needs to be is due to improper hydration. If you want to do everything possible to naturally make your period shorter, be sure to drink plenty of non-sugary beverages like water or tea. Why does hydration work to help make naturally shorter periods? Keeping hydrated merely ensures your body’s fluids are moving as quickly as they can.

How to Naturally Make Periods Shorter: Avoid Salt
Another reason periods may be drawn out is due to a diet high in salt. To maximize your chance of having a naturally shorter period, just steer clear of the potato chips or whatever salty foods you happen to be tempted by. Avoiding salt helps to naturally shorten your periods for the same reasons keeping hydrated helps to make them shorter. Salt encourages retention, which in turn keeps fluids from moving properly.


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