How to Perform an Online FCC License Search

The FCC issues licenses to radio and TV stations, aircraft, operators of radiotelephones, and other types of communication licenses. Those interested in checking up on a license existence or status can do an online license search at the FCC website.

The FCC has a Universal Licensing System. The ULS search page, which can be found below, is often the best place to start your FCC license search. It just depends on what information you currently have and what you are looking for. Because the ULS has data on all licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission, you can use this search page regardless of the type of license you are searching for.

If you know the call sign, FRN, or name of the licensee, then you can simply enter that at the top of the page and run your search. Otherwise, you can use “Service Specific” or “Specialized” searches. There is also an advanced search tool.

Try using the advanced search tool if you find that the basic search is not giving you the correct information. The advanced search tends to narrow down the number of “hits” in the search results so you can find the correct license information without wading through lots of search-results pages.

There are separate “Specialized Search” pages that may save you time. These include pages to search for or to search by using the following categories: Market Based, Site Based, Geographic, Facility ID, Lease Specific, Buildout Deadline, and 800 MHz Reconfiguration Search.

The Service Specific Search refers more to the type of license. It includes the following categories: Aircraft, Amateur, Commercial/Restricted Permits, GMRS, and Ship. Individual operators, such as radiotelephone operators, are the ones who have commercial or restricted permits. GMRS licenses are for General Mobile Radio Services. The Amateur category is for amateur radio stations.


FCC Universal Licensing System License Search

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