How to Repair Leaking Gutter Joints

While leaking gutters can cause serious problems, the goods news is that gutters are simple and it is generally not too difficult to repair leaking gutter joints. Leaking gutters can cause moisture to enter the home’s walls which can lead to rot and mold growth. Leaking gutters also increase the chances of leaking basements. Maintaining the gutters is one of the most important steps a homeowner can take to protect the home from damage. If your gutters are leaking, you should quickly fix the gutter before more problems develop.

Joint Repairs

In most cases, gutter joints leak due to a bad seal where the gutter joints meet. To fix this leak, you must first clean the gutter joint using a wire brush or a metal scraper. If the gutter is filled with leaves and other debris, you may need to use a garden hose to remove the debris from the gutter. Once the area is clean and dry, you can use a gutter sealant to completely cover the joint area on the inside of the gutter. Use a putty knife or similar object to smooth down the sealant to reduce the likelihood of the seal causing clogs in the gutter.

Rusted Gutters

In addition to leaks caused by bad joint seals, gutters can also corrode and develop leaks. If your gutters are leaking at or near the joint due to rust instead of worn caulking, you can either seal or patch the hole to stop the leak. To patch the hole, you should begin by using a scraper or wire brush to remove as much of the corrosion around the hole as possible. If the hole is small, simply fill the hole using a gutter sealant. For larger holes, you will need to make a patch by cutting a piece of sheet metal or plastic to cover the hole. Then use gutter sealant, roof cement or a similar product to fasten the patch over the hole. You can also buy gutter patch kits from hardware and home improvement stores.

Preventing Problems

To avoid the development of gutter problems, a homeowner should check the gutters periodically to make certain there are no problems. A homeowner should clean out the gutter and make certain that the downspouts are free of clogs at least twice a year, especially in the autumn when leaves can accumulate in the gutter and downspouts.

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