How to Stand Out as a House Sitter

House sitting can be a great way to earn some extra cash while householders are away from home. But if you hope to be rehired and want to stand out from the crowd, you will want to put in the extra effort to do so. How can you stand out as a house sitter?

Treat the Property with Respect

Treating the householder’s home as you would your own does not always work out for the best. For example, if you are an untidy person who never picks up after themselves, you will not want that to behave the same way while you are house sitting. It is important to show respect for the property each and every day.

Take your outside shoes off inside the house and wear slippers or house shoes (even if this is not your usual custom at home), tidy up the kitchen after you have prepared a meal or a snack and do not waste water, electricity or other precious resources. There are many other simple ways in which you can show respect for the householder’s home while you are house sitting.

Go Above and Beyond

As a house sitter, you will want to create a good, lasting impression when the householders return home. Go above and beyond by caring for chores you have not been specifically asked to perform, such as vacuuming the home, or putting out the bins each week if they are full.

But just be careful that you do not encroach upon the privacy of the householders by performing tasks that they might be uncomfortable with, such as going through their master bedroom and cleaning it up (some couples would rather do that themselves), or doing their laundry, unless they have asked you to perform that task for them.

Provide a Written Report

Householders will be impressed if they return home to discover you have provided them with a written report on how things have been. Mentioning events while you were house sitting can be reassuring to householders and will let them know that they left their home in capable hands. They are also likely to rehire you, as providing a written report shows you took your duties seriously.

If you make a good impression after your initial house sitting job, you are likely to stand out from the crowd. After all, householders want to leave their home in capable hands with people whom they can trust implicitly.

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