How to Travel with Toddlers

Have you ever gone on a long road trip and your young child screamed the entire way? Traveling with toddlers can bear on the nerves of any parent. There is the constant crying, fighting, and the utter boredom aggressively expressed by these little ones. By the end of the trip, Mom and Dad are crabbier than the kids. These few survival tips will help ease the burden of those long trips.

1. What is the number one thing to guarantee a smoother ride? If room permits, have one parent sit in the back with the kids. This comforts them and is a major mood changer. This is also great because you will not have to pull over just to give them a cup or a dropped toy.

2. Do not forget to bring snacks. These guys will not want to wait until your pit stop to eat. Dry cereal in a snack cup is ideal and takes them awhile to eat. Plus, the mess is easy to vacuum up later.

3. Toddlers will not understand many of the road trip games people play, but older toddlers will like to pick out the different car colors. Make a “race” out of it. Who can find the most different colors? Promise them a treat if they win.

4. Do you have a portable DVD player or an IPAD you can stream videos on? If not, invest in one. It helps curb their boredom, and it will be worth the money if your children do not cry for 20 straight hours.

5. Take a break every hour or so to let the kids stretch their legs. They are not used to having to sit still for such long periods of time. Just five minutes will make all the difference. When it is time to eat, go through a drive-thru and find a rest stop or a park. If you do this, the kids will be able to expel some energy before getting back on the road. Play places at fast food restaurants are good as well, but your children can only play there if they are three or older.

These few insider tips have been proven time and time again to work. The only time these little ones are still is when they are sleeping. We cannot blame them for acting out on the road, but we can make the best out of it with these tips.

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