How to Turn a Smoothie into a Four-layer Breakfast Bowl Meal or Snack

Breakfast in a bowl smoothie consists of four layers in a bowl–the whey powder, the ground up nuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds, the green powder toppings of spirulina and wheat grass or barley grass–only about a 1/2 teaspoon of each powder, and a layer of fruit such as frozen blueberries or any other berries. The last layer is the thick almond milk, regular milk, kefir, coconut milk, or any nondairy milk substitute that’s a creamy liquid.

Then you eat it with a tablespoon as you’d eat cold cereal. Except you have fruit, protein powder, green powders, ground seeds, and nuts turned into the consistency of meal in your dry grinder. Instead of cold cereal, try this smoothie in a bowl breakfast or snack. It also can be turned into a smoothie in your blender by adding more almond milk or other liquid.

is prepared by putting a scoop of whey powder in a cereal bowl. Add a teaspoon of Hawaiian Spirulina powder and a teaspoon of barley green, a green barley and wheat grass powder. Then add crushed or ground-to-a-meal consistency nuts such as walnuts and almonds mixed with two tablespoons of chia seeds and two tablespoons of flax seeds all ground up either in a coffee grinder or an electric dry grinder such as a Vita-Mix dry container grinder. You’ll find up all the chia and flax seeds with the nuts.

Put a few spoons of the nuts and seeds mixture in the bowl that has the whey powder, spirulina, and barley grass powder. Then add a cup or less of almond milk or any type of milk or nondairy milk substitute you like–coconut milk, almond milk, goat milk, rice milk, hemp milk, hazelnut milk, soy milk, kefir, yogurt, rice milk–whatever you prefer as a creamy liquid.

On top of that after you stir until the whey powder is dissolved along with the spirulina and wheat or barley grass powder, you place a few blueberries. Frozen blueberries are find. Stir slightly. You could also use strawberries or raspberries or mix the types of berries and/or pitted cherries.

Serve this breakfast bowl as a side dish with any other breakfast goodies or by itself. For those who need a high-protein breakfast, the whey powder does give some protein, and the crushed nuts. To make a big meal of this, you also could add a side of scrambled eggs. What you have basically in the bowl is a smoothie that hasn’t totally been emulsified in a blender. You eat it with a tablespoon. For variety you could sprinkle with cinnamon or top with a dollup of yogurt.

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