How to Turn Empty Jugs/Bottles of Water into Life Preservers

Gallon jugs of water set aside in case of an emergency can not only be efficient to resolve thirst but they can save your life during flood waters. If you live in an area that can be hit by hurricanes or if you spend any length of time in a boat they can make extra life savers to help you stay afloat. Be sure that you have rope, which can come in handy for all kinds of situations.

After you have drank the water from the gallon jugs, replace the lids and tie them together by the handles or by the necks. Make sure the rope is securely tied and won’t come loose. You can use the jugs to float in water. The more jugs you have the better off you are. If you tie the jugs all the way around your mid-section closing off the circle it will be like you are in a life preserver. If several jugs are tied together and then the same amount of jugs is tied directly behind them and so forth until you run out of jugs you can form a small life raft or floating mattress to climb on.

Small bottles of water such as those that are 16.9 OZ will help you to stay afloat should you get caught in a situation where you need help to at least keep your head out of water. If you have enough bottles, I’d say about 5, you can tie them together by their necks and then tie the ends of the rope off to complete a small circle. The circle can be fitted over the hand onto the arm to act as a floaty. If you have 5 more bottles and another piece of rope make another small circle and tie it off to fit over your other arm so that you have two floaties. One for each arm.

You can make floaties to fit over your legs using the same application, which can aid you further.

When using the jugs as floating devices they should be empty of water or they may be too heavy to float. You can test the efficiency of floating water jugs in a bathtub or sink filled with water. Test with empty water jugs to see how good they do by placing them in the water. Submerge the jugs by pushing them underwater with your hands to see how much force they can take. Place water jugs that haven’t been emptied of water to see if they float. If the water filled jugs don’t sink submerge them by pressing down on them with your hands to see if they sink.

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