How to Understand Hunger

Have you noticed you may get full, but then you eventually get hungry again? Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for that.


Emotions can be a good thing. Although our emotions can affect us, our decisions should not be based on emotions, but rather sound judgment or principle. Have you ever been told that when you are emotional your decision-making abilities might be hampered?

Why do you eat?

Yes we know we have to eat to nourish our bodies, but have you considered some of the reasons that most people eat? How many people eat because of how they are feeling emotionally at the time? How many people eat because they are happy and over joyed?
It has been said by some that food is pleasurable. There are those that associate food as being pleasurable. How many times have you been invited to a dinner with an employer to discuss business? How many times have you invited your boss to dinner trying to make a good impression?


I once had a friend that was heavier than I was. I asked her why did she eat as much. I wanted to try and understand the why of it. She told me that she ate for comfort. When she was not feeling good food gave her comfort for the moment. I then thought about myself. When I was stressed or feeling bad, I was just the opposite. I would not eat and food did not tasted good. I would develop a strange taste in my mouth. Food would not be pleasurable at all. So here are 2 people reacting differently to food when they are emotional.

Do Not Eat

Have you ever been told not to eat within 24 hours, because of surgery or an operation? Sometimes that is the very time that you think of everything that you would like to eat, whether you are hungry or not. So how you are thinking plays a big part of that.

I have talk to some people that say they sometimes just eat to be eating. They know they are not hungry, but they are steadily eating. Now that is not good for you, just to eat to be eating. Again I ask you, “Why Do You Eat?” Think about it.

Source: Personal Experience

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