How to Use ‘Unusable’ Christmas Colognes

Every Christmas, cologne gift packs by the millions are given as presents. However, cologne is a personal item which generally cannot be worn unless it works well with the recipients body chemistry. It’s strange that generic cologne gift packs are such a popular item. As unpopular as they might appear, these items move off store shelves by the thousands. When receiving a cologne gift pack you cannot wear, find unappealing and figure you just cannot or do not wih to use, there are some options to regifting or placing the item discreetly in the garbage can.

Use Unwanted Cologne As a Deodorizer for Your Car

Never pay for those over priced car fresheners again. Take saved bottles from accumulated gift packs and use them as car fresheners. These many generic bottles of cologne make great air fresheners when sprayed on cotton balls and placed inside a zip lock bag. Punch holes in the bag allowing the fragrance to filter through the car. Make sure the holes are small. You can also place cotton balls with small amounts of the fragrance on one or two balls underneath the car seats. If under the seat is a problem, place spritzed cotton balls in the glove compartment, in the side door pockets or anywhere there is a discreet spot where the fragrance can be released without the cotton ball being noticed.

Use Unwanted Cologne To Revive Potpourri

During the holiday season there are tons of pine cones available as seen in home decor stores. There is no reason for anyone to pay $20 or $30 or even more for bags of potpourri when you can purchase the cheap bags. Open a bag of the generic Potpourri and spritz the inside with your favorite off brand fragrance. Tie the bag back together, allow it to stay in the refrigerator overnight. When removed, as the fragrance begins to warm up, the entire area will be overwhelmed with the aroma.

Use Unwanted Cologne To Freshen Bed Linens

Don’t you just love the fresh smell of bed linens as you retire each night? To freshen up bed linens between washings, spritz the linens with cologne. Spritz one small dab at each corner of your bed. The fragrance makes the bed smell awesome and fresh. You can also spritz the fragrance in your linen closet between the sheets and towels. don’t overdo it. A small amount is all you need to freshen up the closet and linen. As the old saying goes, “A Little dab will do it.” Just a little dab goes a long way in adding an amazing fragrance that will spread throughout the room.

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