How to Win the Affection of Your In-Laws While You’re Engaged to Be Married

It is important to impress the parents of the bride during the engagement process. Many men fail to win over the bride’s parents before the wedding. Impressing the parents of the bride will increase her love and respect for you. Here are some suggestions for impressing your future in-laws.

1. When you are invited to supper, offer to help do the dishes afterwards. This will blow them away. They don’t expect a man to have enough character to do the dishes. It will gain you some real clout with your future wife and will pay off in the area of romance.

2. When you spend the night at your fiance’s house make up your bed and put up your clothes the next morning. It will impress your in-laws that you care about cleanliness and neatness.

3. Take your in-laws out to eat. Afterwards, insist that you pay the bill. This will give them the idea that you are responsible with your finances. Since its all about their daughter, it will give them a sense that you are going to take care of her.

4. Mow the yard for her dad some hot summer afternoon. This will earn you mega points! It will prove to him you are not afraid of work. After all, he wants to be assured you are going to take care of his daughter financially.

5. Tell them how much you love their daughter and how much she appears to be a reflection of her mother. You will be safe with this statement because most daughters are a reflection of their mother good or bad. This will go a long way with dear old dad. Any compliment of his wife is a compliment to him

6. Take her dad to play golf or to do one of his favorite activities, This will create a time of bonding. Ask his advice about the sport he loves. He will enjoy talking about it and he will be thrilled that you have something in common with him.

7. Never kiss her passionately in front of her parents! Her dad may not say anything, but in private he will be furious . Treat her like a lady at all times and respect her in front of her parents. Never argue with her in front of her mom and dad. You are going to have to work through some differences as an engaged couple. Do it behind closed doors in private.

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