HTC Evo: Welcome to Awesomeness

I’ll provide the disclaimer now: I am unashamedly a promoter of Android and most things Google. So it’s no shock to anyone that this review will be about the one Android device that changed the name of the smartphone game. No, silly, it’s not Apple’s iPhone! I am referring to the HTC Evo, the first Android phone that took advantage of Sprint’s new 4G network.

So what sets this smartphone apart from antecedents? After all, don’t all smartphones have calendars, make and receive calls, and sync with Microsoft Outlook? Well, sure it can do all that, but it can do so much more–and do so much more beautifully than other devices. Let’s talk about some of the key points of differentiation.

Screen Real Estate for Miles

Real estate in the United States may be a bust, but on this device, it’s a boom. The screen on the HTC Evo is an impressive 4.3 inches (10.9 centimeters for you metric-system users). This is really the first phone that you can comfortably watch a movie or television program on without having to squint. Just put down the kickstand when you turn the device on its side; turn on Netflix, which can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace; and enjoy high-definition-quality programming.

Storage for Days

The Evo comes with 1 GB of on-board memory, but in case that wasn’t enough for your insatiable appetite, you can buy up to 32 GB of memory on a MicroSD card. The reason this phone comes with copious storage space is for the high-definition video you can record with the camera and the high-quality pictures you can take with your 8-megapixel camera. (It also comes with a front-facing camera.)

Internet Access at the Speed of Insanity

The Evo is the first Android device to take advantage of Sprint’s new 4G network. At such blazing wireless speeds, your phone will allow you to load content-rich, graphic-laden Web pages in a snap and with clarity that rivals widescreen monitors for desktop computers.

The Evo was the first smartphone to introduce us to what the future holds for mobile computing. With screen real estate that made it inviting to be ensconced in multimedia, with storage space that would last you an eternity (and beyond), and with the ability to access content online at breakneck speeds, the Evo is unbeatable.

In the vernacular of today’s youth, HTC Evo FTW!

Sources: Sprint Site, AT&T iPhone Site

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