Hulk Hogan’s Divorce Settlement Leaves Champion Pinned to the Mat

Once perceived by millions of children worldwide as the “greatest athlete in the world,” the former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world was left pinned to the mat after a devastating divorce from his wife of 23 years, Linda (Hogan) Bollea.

Initially, the settlement agreement in the divorce was not made public. However, fans of Hulk Hogan knew that it wasn’t good for the once mighty bronzed wrestling God. After the divorce, Hulk Hogan started appearing in multiple commercials, including his most recent commercials for Rent-A-Center with Troy Aikman. In the past, Hogan never had to do small time commercials.

In addition to the commercials, Hulk Hogan signed with second rate wrestling organization Total Nonstop Action in September 2009. Although Hulk Hogan had worked with Vince McMahon for the better half of the decade, Hogan was forced back into the business. It has been reported that Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, made a reported $35,000 dollar per episode from Total Nonstop Action. Additional details of his contract are not public, but one assumes he gets a full cut of his merchandise and a percentage of pay per view buys.

On November 23rd, a Tampa Bay newspaper got a hold of the settlement details of the 2008 divorce, after a new motion was filed by Hogan’s attorneys.The settlement included:

– Linda Hogan getting 70% of liquid assets.
– A 40% ownership in all of Hulk Hogan’s companies
– $3 million dollars in a property settlement
– Several cars including a Cadillac Escalade, Rolls Royce and Corvette

The 20 plus year marriage began to unravel after the Hogan family (with children Nick and Brooke) completed four seasons of the VH1 hit reality television series “Hogan Knows Best.” After the series wrapped, the bricks of the family started to fall.

Today, Hulk Hogan continues to work for Total Nonstop Action. To wrestling fans, many see his time in TNA as just a paycheck. But who can really blame the man? The Babe Ruth of Sports Entertainment was once the king of the mountain, and after one slip, he’s back at the bottom.

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