Humanity Thirsts for Shared Journey, Destination

My articles tend to lament or even rant over the lack of cohesion necessary to make progress to solve our overhanging issues that refuse to go away otherwise. It is as it should be; we need be responsible for our actions, future and even that of our fellow species as we are considered at the apex of creation. A random thought creeps in; maybe, the unseen master shareholder of this planet could decide out of frustration; enough is enough, put someone else in charge, like in the corporate culture that we have embraced! At least for now, let us be the masters of our destiny, with some unseen outside help for those who need them as part and parcel of the effort needed to turn the corner.

Modern technology, or more to the point better tools of communication, has meant news spreads across the world in a split second; be it the good or the bad! We can empathize with the suffering and also elate in others’ triumphs. This is as it should be; we are after all humans first and foremost! The rest just follows; the supposed differences over religious beliefs, color, creed and what not! We have evolved from the same source and also disappear without a trace in similar fashion. There are the good and the real bad everywhere. Circumstances, culture and beliefs decide our lifestyles.

But modern lifestyle is blurring many divisions that had kept us apart. Are we not seeing the whole of humanity thirsting for a shared journey and destination? Even other species would like to align themselves in similar thinking as animal lovers will testify! Is it not time now to reap the peace dividend from such a change borne out of new technologies? The Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street that resonated around the world and touched a common chord point to a shared goal. Even the passing of Steve Jobs has left a void among, the Chinese, Russians, Indians, et al! We all feel a loss; that we need more of his ilk to blaze new paths in our relentless journey that seems to have hit some roadblocks when some genius leaves us, especially before his time.

The issues that plague us, and refuse to go away cries out for a leader to get us out of the rut and lead us forward. We are sinking deeper into a sinkhole and badly need trailblazing leaders that come once in few generations. They unite for a common cause and then unite the rest of humanity to lead them to better pastures.

We are in transition, as few have counseled me: Be patient, better times are just around the corner. Out of the chaos, come the calm just like after a tornado that leaves us with destruction all round. Then the cleaning up process starts as we have to move on. We are facing the fallouts from human failings to unite, but the people as a whole have demonstrated in no unmistakable terms that they want not only to move on but also want a shared journey! We need to leave behind some baggage of history that has served to divide us, but is there not much that unites to show that we are after all the same? Times change but our feelings are just the same; agreed we have now less time to bring them out to the open!

The clarion cry for unity and the lament of vast majority is becoming louder. Let us seize the chances. Our problems are eminently solvable – by us still! Let us put our shoulders behind the wheel of common destiny and give an almighty push to get out of the rut and march on – onward, forward! We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by sharing all we are given, under trust. After all, what seem to belong to us will be owned by someone else sooner than we think possible! With each passing day, we swim or sink together. Let our journey not be ended by our follies and failures! Carpe diem, together!

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