Last week I was over fifty-percent right, point spreads not included. That means if you bet your house and family based on my predictions your return was a break on your mortgage for the month and a toy poodle. The results are already listed on last week’s piece.

Let’s head straight for week seven.

Redskins @ Panthers
The Panthers are ripe for winning another game, and the Redskins are ripe for plopping into the tank.
Panthers 37, Redskins, 15.

Rangers @ Cardinals
Crap, the middle of my sports page is missing, hold on. (Rangers 7-Cardinals 3)

Seahawks @ Browns
Pete Carrol will once again prove that he is a coaching genius for some college team out there.

Browns 22, Seahawks 14

Atlanta @ Detroit
Was last week Detroit’s first real test? Or is this week their first real test?

Falcons 32, Lions 19

Broncos @ Dolphins
Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow. And more Tim Tebow. The Broncos win a Chinese Fire Drill

Broncos 37, Dolphins 18

Chargers @ Jets
Jets think they are back after “beatdown” of Dolphins. Tell that little guy in the stands with the Jet’s firefighter helmet to get off that other guy’s shoulders. It bugs.

Chargers 27, Jets 25

Bears “@” Tampa in London
Cutler F-bombing O-coordinator works a treat.

Bears 24, Bucs, 22

Texans @ Titans
Texans begin their collapse. Maybe even Colts can catch them

Titans 30, Texans 13

Steelers @ Arizona
Cardinals coming off bye-week, Rapelesburger coming off the Jim Rome Show.

Cardinals 47, Steelers 24

Chiefs @ Oakland
Raiders rampant on Carson Palmer mojo majik rumors

Raiders 36, Chiefs 9

Rams @ Cowboys
For some reason, the Rams choose this game to make a statement. But for who? For what?

Rams 20, Cowboys 16

Packers @ Vikings
You won’t hear too much of that stupid French Horn…sorry, Viking horn this week.

Packers 46, Vikings 8

Colts @ New Orleans
Saints not that good, Colts not that good, either. Saints less not that good than Colts

Saints 38, Colts 10

MONDAY NIGHT: Ravens @ Jacksonville.
For who? For what? Who cares? Martians come down from Planet Happy Time and squash both teams.

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