I Go Against Expert Advice and Only Work Out Once a Week

Most experts recommend working out three to five days a week. I only work out one day a week and it works for me. Working out once a week combined with calorie counting and an active lifestyle is my advice. If you have ever been discouraged from working out because you didn’t have the time or desire to work out three to five days a week than follow my advice by working out once a week. Work out once a week every week because any exercise is better than no exercise.

My work out routine consists of one cardiovascular exercise combined with one strength training exercise.

Cardiovascular Work Out

My cardiovascular work out consists of jogging or lap swimming which includes stretching before and after. I enjoy working out alone so I can clear my mind and have the ability to set the pace of my workout.


When I jog I do so for 30 to 60 minutes. I jog for 20 minutes at a comfortable speed of 4.8 to 5 mph and then take a two minute walking break. After walking I kick my work out into high gear with interval training. Interval training gives me a break from jogging at the same speed and gives me the opportunity to run for one to two minutes followed by a recovery period of walking for one to two minutes. Adding interval training to my work out avoids burnout and burns fat. I run for two minutes at 6 mph or one minute at 7 mph followed by walking at 3.7 mph. I always jog with my MP3 player so I have music to motivate me and to avoid boredom.

Lap Swimming

I enjoy lap swimming for several reasons. The cool water keeps my body from overheating and it gives me a total body work out. When swimming laps I combine a variety of strokes including the breaststroke and freestyle. I also enjoy the backstroke kick. During the backstroke kick I keep my hands held together above my head and use only my feet for kicking. I use a kick board and a pull buoy to work my upper or lower body exclusively. Goggles are a must when lap swimming.

Strength Training

For strength training I do 20 pushups. Pushups are the perfect exercise to work your arms, chest, and abs without adding bulk. I perform pushups on my feet rather than on my knees.

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