I Now Pronounce You Prepared for Anything

A wedding is perfectly planned out down to every little detail, but on the day it seems like nothing goes as planned. When putting together an Emergency Kit for the day of the wedding, it’s easy to remember a needle and thread or bobby pins, but some people don’t think of these essential items:

Digital camera with memory card– One of my clients had a professional photographer in the family and hired him, but he ended up in the hospital not being able to shoot the wedding. Luckily I had a camera on hand with an empty memory card. The pictures were not professional quality, but at least the bride has mementos of her special day.

Backup CDs of the reception songs– When the DJ for the wedding complains about his failed marriage during a consultation, you know he is not going to be reliable. With just $10 and a computer, I collected all the songs for the reception. If he was not going to show up, we could use the sound system in the hall to keep the party going. Many of the couple’s friends said they would be honored to DJ the wedding. This also works well if the band doesn’t show up.

Tri color foundation– Stress causes blemishes everywhere and waking up to a huge pulsating zit on the day of your wedding is pretty typical. One of my clients had terrible acne on her back and shoulders, but her dress was strapless. Any department store or drug store carries a compact with three skin shades. I blend them together to form the bride’s skin tone (with and without tan) and hide Mother Nature’s dirty tricks. I would also suggest packing the bride’s normal foundation for her face just in case her makeup melts away from an unexpected downpour from the car to the chapel.

A can of ginger ale, a bottle of water, and oyster crackers– From pre-wedding jitters to sucking in her gut, a bride is bound to become nauseous while preparing to walk down the aisle. Ease the tension with Mom’s cure for upset tummy. Some brides won’t eat before a wedding because they are afraid the food will cause them to bloat; bad idea. Our bodies need fuel to handle stress, even if it’s as simple as a cracker. Don’t drink too much though, or you’ll be asking to interrupt the vows to go to the little girl’s room!

Tissues– If the bride starts crying before the wedding these can come in handy. Strangely enough, I find them most useful when it comes to the younger participants in the wedding party; the ring bearer and the flower girl. Wipe noses right before they are about to go down the aisle and make sure there’s no trace of the chocolate used to bribe them into dressing up and staying quiet for a half hour.

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