I Took a Facebook Timeout

I’m one of many people in this country that work from home online. Some are fortunate enough to have this type of job whether it be freelancing or working for a company. I am in both these categories and since all I do is log in and wait for people to either call me on the phone or enter a chat room to talk with me, I can stay on Facebook as long as I want to and play games, talk with my friends or post anything from an animal that needs a home to a Harry Potter game where you name all your friends as a character from the movie series… I can walk around the house, watch TV while I wait for a call and get paid via Paypal every two weeks it is a win win situation but I choose mostly to spend my time on Facebook and surfing the web.

On this particular Saturday morning I was dragged away from my Facebook reverie by my partner who insisted that I step away from the computer and brave the great outdoors. It was with the utmost reluctance that I tore myself away from one of my favorite Facebook friends Luna The Fashion Kitty’s page and agreed to the intervention that obviously had no intention of leaving me alone until I gave in. Now I have to say in my defense that today was an all important day on Facebook for my friend Luna. She’s a beautiful Persian kitty and she loves fashion. Her Momma dresses her every day and she is quite the fashion plate. Her motto is “Dress Fur Impress” and this Saturday (or CATurday as we say in the land of LUNA-tics) was no exception since Luna was going to a new vet and which outfit she was going to wear weighed heavily on my mind.

But so it was that I was forcibly removed and as I walked towards the back door I bid my computer adieu and signed off my Facebook page but not before posting (OF COURSE) that I was being made to take a Facebook timeout, oh the horror of it all!

Queue the Star Wars soundtrack!!! Put “Eye of the Tiger” on the CD player!! Sound the alarm! I felt like Golum in the Lord of The Rings being forced to leave The Precious!!!

As I slowly crept outside I covered my eyes from the sun and pondered which dress Luna had chosen to wear…the purple which most people liked, the pink or her Juicy Couture. How could I be asked to step away at such an important time?! I didn’t know how long I could last away from my beloved Facebook but I would give it my best shot. This coming from someone, mind you, that about 7 years ago when my friend from high school said to me, “you MUST join Facebook you would be so amazed and have so much fun!” I thought, “pah! I don’t need to see old friends from school what’s the point of Facebook?!” Fast forward 7 years later I have joined Facebook and have over 300 friends, I saved a dog from an LA shelter and have talked to many old friends and boyfriends, caught up with everyone and had a great time doing it. I’ve never played Farmville and I’ve detested Mafia Wars. And I have a puurrfect friend named Luna who helps other Persian kitties like herself find furever homes and looks FAB while doing it.

Needless to say, dear friends, my Facebook intervention lasted a whole ten minutes before I was back inside under the guise of “I must log in for work!”

As it so happened, Luna loved her new vet, she wore the purple dress and as I sat back down and turned on the light over my desk I sighed with content. All was right with the world and I had survived my Facebook timeout. Tune in again later for further escapades and be sure to check out my friend Luna! She’s puurrfectly pawsome!!

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