Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in Purple and Cream

Purple is a popular color choice for a bedroom. It is cool with an edge of excitement and mysticism. When combined with cream even the darkest shade is visually softened. Color has the innate ability to alter the mood and relax the mind, and purple and cream are an excellent choice.

The first bedroom I ended up decorating was for a well known client. The main colors in the room were purple and cream, and the results were nothing short of gorgeous. Consider my ideas for decorating a bedroom using this eye-catching color combination, and make it an impressive space for relaxation. Your bedroom can look gorgeous too.

Wall Color Options for a Purple and Cream Bedroom

Avoid decorating bedroom walls in a deep shade of purple. If the bedroom is already small it will make it look and feel smaller. Even if it is large, a deep dark color will suppress the mood. Choose either a rich shade of cream or a very light shade of purple with a cream or white base. Avoid grays and the bedroom will appear light and incredibly bright.

When I began decorating my client’s bedroom in purple and cream I gave her a choice of wall colors from about twelve different options. My client chose creamy sand. It was an excellent choice, and it took on a very light purple hue after purple cotton panels and cream colored sheers were hung over the windows. When the panels were closed the creamy sand paint looked more like creamy lilac, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Wall Decor Suggestions

I used one website in particular when decorating my client’s homes, and I made several suggestions. One client in particular chose a large contemporary wall hanging that included various shades of purple discs and mirrors. It was stunning. I hung it in the center of a bare wall where the mirrors would pick up and reflect natural as well as artificial light. My client was thrilled with this decorating scheme, and we continued decorating the bedroom around this beautiful contemporary wall hanging.

Bedding for a Purple and Cream Bedroom

When selecting bedding for my client’s purple and cream bedroom we chose a complete bedding set from the Vera Wang collection. It looked great against the creamy sand walls. The color palette included muted shades of purple, and it created a lush and tranquil look, especially when the bed was embellished with coordinating throw pillows.

My client chose three throw pillows in addition to the two bed pillows and two full-size pillows covered with Vera Wang shams. I encouraged my client to select coordinating pillows of varying textures. One was soft, dark and velvety to the touch. The second pillow was comprised of cotton material that matched the bedspread, and it was wrapped by ten rings of fringed fabric. The third pillow was designed using the same material as the bedspread. As a whole they made the bed appear rich and lavish. This bedding set and matching accessories made decorating the remainder of the purple and cream bedroom very easy.

Side Table and Tabletop Decorating Options

A side table is the signature of an impressive bedroom display, especially when it is topped with eye-catching art. My client chose a metal frame and glass top side table to use as a nightstand next to her bed, and she chose a tabletop work of contemporary art that included purple and cream accents. It went beautifully with the bedding and other decor in the bedroom.

Begin with wall color and a beautiful wall hanging when decorating a bedroom in a specific color theme. The rest will fall into place, and you will know exactly what you want when you see it. This is how my client and I chose the bedding and decor when decorating her purple and cream bedroom, and she was thrilled with the results we achieved.

Source: Decorating and Design Experience

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