Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen with a Pillsbury Doughboy Theme

The Pillsbury Doughboy, formerly known as Poppin’ Fresh, is a lovable character that was brought to life in the mid sixties by an ad agency hired by the Pillsbury Company. The smiling white dough-like character with deep blue eyes and a captivating smile has since become a part of the decorating scheme and theme in many kitchens. The options for decorating a kitchen with a Pillsbury Doughboy theme are as countless as the types of decor that can be incorporated into the design of the room.

I chose to decorate a kitchen in a Pillsbury Doughboy theme in the late nineties, and it was a fun, warm and welcoming part of my home. It takes more than a collection of figures and related items to complete the decorating theme in an impressive new way. Use some or all of my ideas on ways to decorate and display this delightful classic icon, and give your kitchen a Poppin’ Fresh appearance.

Consider Barely Blue Walls with Snow White Trim

Since the Pillsbury Doughboy is stark white, do not opt for all white walls as a backdrop when decorating a kitchen in this theme. Consider a very light shade of sky blue. To incorporate white into the room, paint the trim and/or baseboards snow white. Paint dark cabinets white, and outfit the doors and drawers with deep blue knobs. Avoid adding too much white to the room or the look will fall flat.

Decorate with a Few Select Pillsbury Doughboy Items

When decorating a kitchen in a Pillsbury Doughboy theme, do not use too many character items. Buy four or five high quality pieces such as a clock, canisters, a cookie jar and a couple of Pillsbury Doughboy figures. Fill the kitchen with anything and everything related to the character, and the items will cheapen the room. Less is more when decorating a kitchen in any subject, and this particular theme is no exception to the unwritten rule.

I had a hard vinyl Pillsbury doughboy figure, a set of canisters and a clock in my kitchen, and they looked fantastic. The decorating theme was obvious, but it did not appear overdone. I eventually became tired of the subject and chose something completely different, but the Pillsbury Doughboy was the star of my kitchen for many happy years.

Source: Doughboy History

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