Ideas for Decorating a Living Room with Pillars

Pillars can make an ordinary living room appear rich and extraordinary. They add distinctive style, beauty and visual appeal to the decorating scheme. Pillars do not have to be added at the time of construction – unless of course they are also used for support. They are often an afterthought, and they are used solely for decorative purposes. They can be used to beautifully highlight a doorway, or they can be used to indicate a separation between one room and the next.

A home I considered buying had two beautiful pillars in the living room. They were installed in a wide doorway that separated the foyer and the living room. I had seriously considered buying the home, and before I had even made up my mind, I came up with a number of creative decorating ideas. Although I ended up purchasing another house, I would consider decorating with pillars. They are more than just fancy or functional decor. They can become part of the decorating scheme or even the theme of the living room.

Paint the Pillars to Match a Predominate Accent Color

The living room pillars in the home I considered buying were coated with white enamel paint. The design was beautiful, but they did not stand out. Since they were a major architectural component, I would have painted them to match an accent color in the living room. As the photo shows, wooden pillars can be painted in deep and vibrant hues.

Decorating with Vines and Pillars

Imagine a sunny living room that includes beautiful detailed columns. Now envision vines climbing and twisting around the pillars. Those that like plants can place potted vines next to living room pillars and encourage them to wind around them. Even those without a green thumb can easily begin decorating with vines, and having something for the vines to climb up and wrap around is a plus. Just do not overdo it. The pillars should not become completely enveloped by plants of any variety.

Add Architectural Living Room Wall Art

A living room with pillars can look like an ancient palace with the addition of architectural wall art. Shop online for beautiful architectural works of art. They might include gothic shelf fragments, cast resin Corinthian gates or other beautiful reproductions. Architectural wall art is ideal when decorating a living room that is embellished with pillars, and it can look absolutely stunning.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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