Ideas for Displaying Pottery Jugs

Glazed terracotta jugs can be pretty, rustic or even beautiful, and they come in many more colors than just brown and antique white. They are available in a rainbow of beautiful colors and color combinations. Whether you have a little brown antique pottery jug with a corked top or something more recent in a beautiful shade of blue, consider displaying it in an eye-catching new way. Read on to discover new ways to display old glazed terracotta, and begin displaying pottery jugs in the kitchen, dining room, utility room or any other space in the home.

Use the Jugs to Hold Battery-Operated Taper Candles

When looking for creative new ways of displaying pottery jugs, consider battery-operated taper candles. Buy the kind that flicker and look realistic. One particular type has an old-fashioned handcrafted look. They are creamy white with brown stained accents. They are ideal for displaying in the tops of pottery jugs that are antique or look antique, especially the classic brown and white variety. Consider displaying three of varying sizes in a grouping for the best presentation.

Consider Displaying them in Sets of Three or Four

Pottery jugs do not have to be illuminated to look great. Choose three or four of varying sizes for a creative display. Displaying them in small groups is far better than displaying several haphazardly placed. They do not have to be the same type or color. A variety of pottery jugs in a grouping will draw more visual interest.

Use the Jugs to Hold Beautiful Faux Flowers

Vases are not the only containers that can be used for displaying faux flowers. Use pottery jugs to hold and display particularly beautiful faux blooms. Consider choosing wildflowers or smaller blooms since pottery jugs typically have small openings. Also, do not bunch them too closely together. Choose the flowers and colors according to the accent hues in the room. They will look amazing!

Consider Displaying a Collection of Jugs on Upper Cabinetry

A collection of pottery jugs can be successfully displayed on upper cabinetry. When kitchen or utility room cabinets do not extend all the way up to the ceiling, this is a great location for displaying this type of collection. They will be more difficult to dust, but any amount of dust will not be visible from below. A pottery jug display is perfect in a kitchen or utility room with old-fashioned style or quaint country charm.

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