Ideas for Tropical Home Décor Themes and Furniture

The exoticness of tropical décor can fill a home with warmness and peaceful solace. Tropical décor ideas have become popular in home décor. This style brings a blend of stunning colors, mysterious touch and characteristic elements, forming an appealing comfort aura.

Most tropical décor ideas consist of conventional themes interlaced with lavish tones of which are made up of various textures and abstruse impressions. Accessories with modest features will accentuate the individuality of the room. Most centered themes will involve the use of palm trees, rattan furniture, animal prints and the correct use of colors. Expressions of color are important in tropical décor. Using underlying neutral colors in shades of yellow, gold, brown and ivory provide definition when contrasted with hues of greens and furthermore accented with black, dense reds and dark browns.

The furniture is an important element and should be carefully selected. It should be comfortable, adding to the sedateness of the tropical theme. Wicker furniture made from rattan or bamboo are the most popular choices for sofas, tables, chairs and other accent pieces used in tropical décor ideas. Rattan style furniture has a tropical look and is actually created from a vine grown in the jungles of South India and Sri Lanka. Rattan furniture is sturdy and flexible and gives a cool casual style to the room. Bamboo is much like rattan and has great resemblance. However, bamboo has a hollow core while rattan is solid.

Exotic wood such as koa and rosewood can be made into beautiful pieces of furniture and can be mixed in with wicker to engender a gorgeous tropical appearance. Teak, mahogany and ebony wood also make lovely tropical furniture. Trees, pineapples, palm trees and other designs can be carved in wood to add to the uniqueness of your tropical expression.

The colors on any fabrics used, whether on furniture, curtains or other accents should be made from natural materials such as chenilles or khadi, which is an Indian hand woven cloth.

Other accessories that can be considered for your tropical décor ideas are decorative bamboo screens, table lamps with tropical details, tropical plants, rugs and throw pillows. Nonetheless, accessories should not be overdone. Items in a room should compliment each other without being cluttered.

A serene atmosphere can be achieved in a home using various tropical décor ideas, providing a place of tranquility and welcome.

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