Ideas for Unique Paper Plate Holders

Paper plate holders are a dime a dozen, especially when they are the cheap plastic kind or the woven wicker variety. They are not at all unique, and they are not easy to clean. Why not use ordinary dinner plates since cleaning will be required? Do something different instead. Use these ideas for unique paper plate holders, and come up with decorative dinnerware for less. These are ideal for themed parties, holiday gatherings and more.

Pie Plates

When seeking ideas for unique paper plate holders, how about using pie plates instead of ordinary plastic or wicker holders? Pie plates are perfect for holding small dessert-size plates, and they can be made of lightweight aluminum. Clean up will be a breeze. These holders are ideal for serving an array of desserts, especially outdoors. They are ideal for a pie-tasting party, a chocolate party or any sweet occasion.

Clay Saucers

Are you hosting an outdoor party? When looking for unique paper plate holders, buy clay saucers of the appropriate size. They will adequately hold each paper plate, and they will fit a unique theme. This might be a garden theme, a fall party theme or something else altogether. In any case these paper plate holders will be easy to clean, and they can be reused again and again. For easy cleanup, seal the unique clay saucer paper plate holders will clear acrylic sealer. Air them out for at least twenty-four hours before use.

Flying Discs

When hosting a party for kids, use flying discs instead of the usual paper plate holders. They come in all colors including the glow-in-the-dark variety. Buy paper plates of the appropriate size. Use the decorative kind when hosting a theme party. Flying discs are sturdier than typical paper plate holders, and after the meal the kids can use them for play. These unique accessories can also serve as party favors.

Large Coffee Filters

When sturdiness is not an issue or concern, use large coffee filters instead of paper plate holders. They are great for holding cookies, coffee cake, chips and other lightweight snacks that are not moist or messy. Best of all they can be tossed away when finished. They are far cheaper by the dozen than typical paper plates and the usual plastic or wicker holders.

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