Ideas to Encourage Your Child to Write

Writing often feels like a chore for children. The only time they have to write is for homework, and the more they have to write the worse they like the assignment. But you want to make writing a fun activity for your child. Writing can be an excellent way to get your ideas across, let your feelings out, and express a sense of creativity and imagination. There are ways you can help bring out your child’s creativity through writing. Here are some ideas to try to bring out the writer in your child.

Photo-based fiction story

Gather together some photos and put them in a box. Have your child reach in and pull one out, and then have her write a paragraph or even a story based on what’s in the picture! Encourage her to look at the people’s expressions and body language and include descriptive details about them, and encourage her to come up with reasons as for why the people look like that. Alternatively, you could have your child open up to a random page in a magazine and write a story based on a photo from that page.

Let him write and design his own book

I enjoyed doing this myself as a child. My mom let us use a bunch of manila folders as covers for our “books”, and we used loose leaf paper stapled inside as our pages. It was so much fun to have such a blank canvas to work on…we got to design everything from the front cover to the words to the illustrations, and got to put our own names on the front of the “book.”

Get her a journal

Sometimes a blank journal can help bring out your child’s creativity and love for writing. Encourage her to write about her day, express her feelings, scribble notes, make lists and schedules, draw pictures, the ideas are endless! Often just giving your child a cool journal brings out their sense of creativity.

Read more

Reading often can encourage your child to want to write his own stories, and can help improve his writing and language skills. Provide your child with lots of books, especially those in topics that interest him. Also, even though he can now read on his own, it’s still beneficial to read to your child occasionally. Choose a book that is slightly above your child’s reading level. Books that are part of a series are often favorites with kids.

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