If Life Had a Pause Button, I Would Need $150,000 to Hit It

I would love to finds life’s pause button. Owning a small business in this economy the last few years have been harder than most would think. If I could just take a break from it all, I would. I have nothing against hard work or paying taxes. It does seem like the last few years have been like spinning wheels on ice during a snow storm. Finding the pause button would be like finding the fountain of youth. If I had $150,000, I would take the biggest part of a year off and travel the country in a motor home. I would travel to every city that has a major league baseball team.

A trip of this nature would take some careful planning, as well as an understanding wife. My wife and I have owned a small bakery in Texas for the last 24 years. The first thing I would need is someone to run the bakery for a year. My CPA could handle the finances, I would just need someone to make sure the doors opened and closed on schedule. We already have a competent staff to do the work.

I would need to set aside $40,000 to keep up with my house mortgage, health insurance, life insurance, and general up keep for the house and property. Again, my CPA could handle the finances. It would be quite easy find in today’s market to find a RV for $50,000.

That would leave me $60,000 for expenses during the trip. That would give us about $1300 per day for gas, tickets, souvenirs, food, and anything else that might come up. The trip would start at Ranger’s Ballpark, in Arlington, Texas, on opening weekend of baseball season. I would watch three games at the Ballpark before heading south to Houston. After watching three games in Houston, I would head east along the gulf coast to Florida. I would hit every major league city from Miami to New York and on to Toronto, staying long enough to watch three games in every home ballpark.

Upon getting to the east coast, there are enough teams that doubling back to catch a team that was on a road trip may become necessary. The east coast teams are close enough in proximity that this should not cause much delay. Even with delay there is plenty of sights, to see along the east coast if I had to wait for a team to come home.

After leaving the east coast, I would take in the Central Divisions, before heading west. I would go west through Colorado, north to Seattle, and come south on the coast of California. By the time, I got to San Diego it would be middle to late June. I would start back east to Arizona, finishing my 30 ballpark tour of the major leagues by the end of June.

Upon leaving Arizona, I would travel to Las Vegas. Once in Las Vegas, I would sell the RV for as much as I could get for it. I would take the money and buy my wife and I first class tickets on American Airlines back to DFW International Airport on or around July 15th. I would take $10,000 for each of us from the RV sale and buy into the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Following playing in the main event, we would board our plane back to DFW, and go home for a couple of months to reflect on our trip. When October arrived we would hit the un-pause button and go back to life the way it was eight months earlier. Yes, $150,000 is my “I Quit Number.”

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