If You Are Smart Enough to Understand “Inception…”

I’m talking BIG…

I’m talking a “settlement” between you and your thoughts and body…

Maybe even large enough for reasonable control over Schizophrenia…

We have the technology to put him (or her) back together- stronger, more perfect than before-

Everyone- and I mean EVERYONE- can benefit from reading this. I certainly have, do, and will:)

Freud was definitely more wrong than he was right- as claimed by most.

However, consider that we don’t know anything- or very little- about the mind. Oh sure, we have “theories” out there for everything but a psychological/ mental “theory” is different than a scientific “theory”

I encourage you to watch Inception or Limitless to really even have a chance to understand what I am getting at-


Leonardo Di’Caprio

Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro

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