In Episode 5 of “ANTM” La Toya Jackson Saves Two Models from Elimination- Cycle 17

In episode 5 the remaining models get to do a runway show with designs by Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian. The Kardashian clothes are sold at Sears and the winner gets to take a head-to-toe Kardashian outfit home. And La Toya Jackson guides them during a photo shoot.

Models still competing are Laura Kirkpatrick, Allison Harvard, Bianca Golden, Bre Scullark, Lisa D’ Amato, Dominique Reighard, Alexandria Everett, Shannon Stewart, Kayla Ferrel, and Angelea Preston.

Their first challenge was to do a runway show on a carnival carousel. Jumping off the carousel, in front of an audience, proved to be a challenge, but every managed to do well. Give or take a few twisted ankles.

The Kardashian sisters admitted they couldn’t decide on a challenge winner because two of the girls “blew them out of the water.” Bre and Lisa tied for the win.

It seems that everyone despises Bianca, and not really for good reason either. She does whine too much and thinks she deserves more than the others, yet she can’t provide, but the drama in this episode was simply overreaction. Luckily, Bre, Bianca’s sister, is still on her side and was caught listening to them wish that Bianca would quit.

The models returned to Siren Studios where they were told they would be doing a photo shoot as Michael Jackson from over the years. Tim Peterson photographed this shoot and Rushka was the stylist. La Toya Jackson was sent in to help them with the shoot. Everyone did really good on the photo shoot, then once again Bianca was stirring the drama. I am reading for Bianca to go home. She is too self-righteous and not a team player. If her sister wasn’t here, she would’ve already quit.

In deliberation the judges were Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andrea Leon Talley, and La Toya Jackson. Bre, Lisa, Bianca weren’t there favorites.

For the first time in “ANTM” history one judge, La Toya, chose best photo and the entire order of best to worse. Best photo goes to Laura. Runner up for best photo went to Shannon.

Dominique, Allison, Alexandria, Kayla, Bre, and Bianca were all deemed safe. This put Lisa and Angela in the bottom two. La Toya said that Michael Jackson was about love and expression and she saw that in them both. La Toya saved them both from going home (rolls eyes). Yes, that’s right no one was sent home.

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