In My Hand I Hold

In my hand I hold healing massages,

A tender touch,

A loving caress,

A beautiful hope,

A wonderful dream,


In my hand I hold,

The love you trust in me,

The love you have given me,

The love you have put your faith in,

To the depth of your heart,

In the depth of your soul,

Trusting me fully,

Coming into the oneness,

With no strings attached,

In my hand I hold,

The faith of my friends,

Those who know me,

Trust me,

Believe in me,

Gone through hard times,

And keep on being there,

Through it all,

In my hand I hold forgiveness,

For those that have caused hurt,

In my past,

In my present,

In the times I misspoke,

Said a harsh word,

Hurt without meaning to,

In my hand I hold,

The dreams of tomorrow,

The peace of today,

The power of hope,

Because of Him,

In my hand I hold,

Many things of this life,

Past experiences,

That has taught me many things,

Some things were hard,

Some were difficult,

But I have risen above due to Him,

My life is ever changing,

From one moment to the next,

As I come into oneness with the man,

That I love,

The one that I held hands with,

When we said our vows,

The ones I hold hands with,




Building oneness every day,

And in my hand I hold,

A new beginning,

A new moment,

As I hold onto Him,

And to my beloved,

From this day forth,

To the very end,

Because this oneness I have found,

Within my love,

I will hold into my hand,

Guarding it,

Protecting it,

Nourishing it,

Standing by it,


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