Innovative Vintage Halloween Costume Ideals for Women

Vintage costumes are fun and relatively easy to put together. You may have a few items in your closet or attic. Ask your mom, aunts and grandmothers to donate their blasts from the past to your vintage,Halloween experiment. In no time you’ll transform yourself into a history project all in the name of fashion. Have fun!

Attractive/Mature :

French Maid


To go out as Elvira, you need a long, form fitting dress in black with a low neckline with black heels.Try to find a picture of Elvira before picking out the dress. Put on a wig or style dark hair to be slightly spiked at the top and sleek at the ends. Wear red lip stick and mascara. Give the illusion of pale skin by applying baby powder with a blush brush.


[Adam’s Family]


[The Munster’s]

Lily is a vampire. Remember, grandpa? You’ll need a white streak in your hair, a black bat necklace and research the dress through old episodes of The Munster’s on YouTube.


Wonder Woman

Seven of Nine:
[Star Trek Voyager]
This one may not be truly vintage, but the show was made over a decade ago.

Fun and Cute :

Vintage Barbie Out of the Box

Find a t-shirt with Barbie written on it. Throw on a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt’s or pink, fashion jeans
will work nicely. Nothing says vintage and high fashion from the days of yore like corduroy. You may look more authentic if you appear as though you’ve worn the same outfit for months. Remember, Barbie never leaves the house without her accessories. Find a plastic or pleather purse for that cheap look. If your shoes are plastic all the better. Make it look like a ten year old styled your hair and if you can’t pull it off ask a ten year old to help you out. Your make-up should appear permanently painted on.The ideal isn’t perfect Barbie in the box. Ask any mom, Barbie never looks new again after she’s made friends with a little girl. Steer clear of scissors, little boys and the family dog.

Dorothy [Wizard of Oz]

1920’s Flapper

1960’s Hippy or Beatnik

Eightie’s Lady

Put on stirrup stretch pants and colorful socks or leg warmers with tennis shoes. Wear a t-shirt you’ve designed with fabric paint or a long sweater. Make an oversized, handmade bow for your hair and even if you’re thirty, put it in your hair. The higher your hair is on top of your head and the biggest bangs possible scream 1988. It’s truly beautiful and terribly frightening especially if you were there.To add some comedy to your routine, talk about jazzercize or carry around a poster of Richard Simmons to pull out of your purse and show to guests at the party you’re attending. Better yet, get a date to dress up as the 1980’s work out guru in tennis shorts and a tank top. Have him wear a frizzy wig. I guarantee you’ll be the scariest couple in attendance.

Vintage Bride

Visit thrift stores for a lace, white, formal dress. To pull this off make sure the dress looks old. Try to get the tackiest, shortest veil possible for the Hollywood movie bride. Try some vintage staples such as blue eye shadow, orange blush and hot pink lip stick. If you really want to turn this into satire, put on white tights and patent leather shoes.




You can always put a monkey in a backpack and go as Jane Goodall.
Just remember,the gag effect for silly costumes, the amount of spooky you put into a gothic costume, and the ability to create a spoof on the classics of yesteryear make the vintage costume interesting and new.



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