Interview with Lindsey Marie Shaw of ‘The Howling Reborn’

Immediately recognizable because of her onscreen talent and charm, actor Lindsey Marie Shaw has been seen in high profile TV shows and movies like “Pretty Little Liars,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and “Teen Spirit.” Now she takes her first steps into the horror genre with “The Howling Reborn.” I had the opportunity of interviewing Ms. Shaw about her role in the film.

Describe your character in “The Howling Reborn?”

I play Eliana Wynter, the longtime, unrequited love interest of WIll Kidman. On the surface, Eliana is the high school’s resident “bad girl.” She’s the girl who seamlessly blends in with the popular kids, but somehow stands alone in a crowd. Eliana craves the safety and emotional connection she knows she’s never felt. It’s only after several intensely charged interactions with Will that she discovers the recognition she’s always longed for. As the film progresses and the chaos around them escalates, Eliana’s tough-girl facade melts away and the vulnerable girl begging to be saved emerges. In the face of death, she realizes the inner strength that lies within her delicate soul.

You’ve been in a lot of teen comedies and dramas. Why did you decide to do a horror movie?

I chose to do a horror film because it was a terrific opportunity offered to me with the potential for new growth, not only as an actor, but as a person as well. This profession provides such unique experiences through which to discover all the different pieces of yourself. Above all, I want to be surprised by my own undiscovered potential. Jumping into an unfamiliar character in the middle of a werewolf movie felt like a good chance to do just that.

What was the biggest challenge when you were filming “The Howling Reborn?”

The biggest challenge to filming was the weather. We shot the film in August (2010) in Montreal. During one of our first days outside filming a big special effects shot, it started pouring down rain. We were forced to wrap early due to the unrelenting downpour. The weather conditions had to be written in at the last minute. Another challenge of filming was the late night schedule. Most of the film was shot at night, so we were forced to live like vampires (ironically). It became a little depressing to wake up to the setting sun everyday!

How do you think “The Howling Reborn” differs from other werewolf films?

It sets itself apart from other werewolf films by focusing attention on the humanity that propels the beastly transformation. It’s a werewolf film without being a film about werewolves. The film’s message emphasizes the animal urge within people, not simply the drama of the animal itself.

Some people have already been comparing “The Howling Reborn’s” romantic element and high school setting to “Twilight.” What do you have to say to that?

The comparisons are unavoidable. Several corresponding themes between the films parallel each other, including the high school setting, the first love romance at the center of the story, and the supernatural power struggle between good and evil. “The Howling Reborn” was written prior to any “Twilight” mania and, ironically, there’s a seemingly pointed crack about the difference between vampires and werewolves. While the story may be familiar, the journey of the different characters provides new perspective on a similar message. The realization of young love and the fight to protect it regardless of the circumstances that threaten it is a timeless story for the ages.

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