Is American Horror Story Sustainable?

After one week of speculation and another spent coming to terms with the truth, I finally accepted the “Violet-overdosed-and-is-dead” plot twist on American Horror Story. I could see how this decision to “kill off” Violet would leave viewers shocked and therefore entice them to keep watching. Heck, it was all I talked about for a week, so clearly it was good move by the writers.

With (gory and fly infested) confirmation of Violet’s demise out of the way, I focused my full attention on the arrival of the half human/half supernatural twins. What would they look like? Gerber babies? Or something more like Nora’s frankenbaby (which I always picture as the mad Dr. Finkelstein from the Nightmare Before Christmas)? Although they failed to show either baby in the episode, I will venture a guess that the one Constance carted away to “clean” looked normal. The absence of the crying from the first baby is likely a ploy to make us think it’s dead. But you know what I have to say to that?? Fool me once…

After the birthing scene that was only slightly less dramatic than Breaking Dawn’s, Vivien bleeds out and eventually dies. My immediate response: “Um…where do we go from here?” I guess keeping Vivien alive was only essential until she had the babies, but really? What is she going to do now? Haunt Ben? Will she and Haley become besties and torture him together? Will Ben even be able to see ghost Vivien (it took Larry years before he could see his smoldering wife and children)?

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I am getting nervous about the show’s viability. The twins’ birth is what has propelled this show forward all season. Now that they’re here…what does that mean for the show? Will Vivien lay claim to them (she is their biological mother after all)? Will she, Haley and Nora have a supernatural smackdown for mothering rights? Will Constance be the sole human to throw herself in the ring? With Vivien and Violet dead, will Ben stay in the house? Or leave? Or kill himself?

Judging by the number of questions I just asked, maybe the show is sustainable after all.

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